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  1. I don't know much about these people. I and the team wanted people who we knew and trusted, as the initiative is more serious than a blog, and involves money and our personal information being shared. For the core team it's important that we keep information such as my address (which is something that is being shared) as private and confidential as possible. While I don’t know these people in person I do know them through many facets of the internet such as multiple discord servers, tumblr, as well as these forums. And we interact with each other enough to where we do feel like we can share that kind of sensitive information with each other. I’m sorry if you feel uneasy, but we all want to make sure the entire aro community is represented while at the same time respecting each other's privacy concerns. We all come from different parts of the community, with different identities and backgrounds. Our core team is for administration, but we will always be talking with the rest of the community (yourself included) about things that go on the site, before and after it goes live. For quoiromantic specifically, even though I feel like the definition that tends to be around the internet these days can be seen as problematic there are people out there who identify as quoiro with that definition so it would be unfair to take that away from them. That’s why we are going to include both meanings. Just in general the glossary will have multiple definitions for each word, the original definition/ how the coiner first defined it, and the modern/how people usually or currently define that word today because sometimes words do change overtime. And we will have links to the original definition. Although some words have always kept their original meaning. We are still in the process of compiling everything not just for the glossary but for the resources and the FAQ too. When we do publish our website there will be a way to contact us if you think something should be added changed or updated. So please give us comments when the site is live.
  2. At the moment Amber Liu is my biggest celebrity squish. She just seems like a cool person to hang out with so if I got a chance to meet her it would be cool if we got to be friends but that probably won’t happen.
  3. Recent posts, as well as my own thoughts on my identity, and the current, most popular definition that mostly pops up when people search Quoiromantic: "unable to tell the difference between romantic and platonic attraction" have finally pushed me to ask this question for wider discussion. Do we need a different definition of quoiromantic? or maybe a new word?. lately ive been feeling that the attraction that i sometimes feel for people can't easily be put into these categories of "romantic" or "platonic" but its not that i cant tell the difference between these two because i can i just feel like they dont really apply to me. At first I thought that I felt no romantic attraction everytime i described my ideal relationship to someone they would say its platonic. Then when i went to college and was involved more in Queer spaces more people said stuff like that can be romantic if you want it to be. But basically it all comes down to what I want to call this attraction I sometimes feel and to be honest I don't care what its called as long as my needs get met. So second question based on this experience could i be quoiromantic? Second question what do yall think about "feels attraction that can't easily be placed into the categories of platonic or romantic" as one of the definitions for Quoiromantic or would this need a different word?
  4. As for AAN as an acronym why does it need to be pronounced as a word? A lot of three letter acronyms are usually pronounced by their letters. Like UFO. Asac sounds cool too tho. A poll would be helpful.
  5. I like AURA the best then with ACARE for second place
  6. Hmm What about AAN which would stand for aro advocacy network it’s not as wordy and it’s short if people like short acronyms idk if there’s anything else using this but it’s another suggestion
  7. I can totally relate to this. Before I knew I was aro I watched tons of romance anime and Korean dramas and I shipped characters romantically too. After figuring out I was aro and got involved with online communities I enjoyed those things a lot less than I did back then. I kinda feel like I didn’t force myself to like these things but maybe since I joined the aro community a lot of people were repulsed by this stuff so I kinda gave it up to fit in? At the same time maybe I did make myself watch it back then because other people liked it and I wanted to fit in. As I’m typing this I’m noticing a pattern for me and after thinking about it some more I don’t want either of those factors to keep me from enjoying certain things I’m going to enjoy stuff my own way.
  8. I might take that up and ask if the school lgbt+ group does things at the Eugene pride festival. I also know that there is a train that goes from Seattle to Eugene and probably the other way around I don’t know if a train or a plane is cheaper but I at least know where the train station is.
  9. I still have yet to listen to Moses sumney but cavetown is also aromantic.
  10. All I know about the first forums is that there’s a link in what I think is arocalypse’s main website although accessing posts is hard. I’m very interested in the history too and I wanna know when the term aromantic even became a thing. I also know that queerplatonic came from dreamwidth so that might be a place worth looking into.
  11. I guess Eugene Oregon would be my main area I run a small and almost nonexistent ace/aro group at the college currently and I want more members. Portland is the closest pride parade for me and I know there is an ace group there. My main goal is to have aro not be seen as an ace thing but I guess for now I’ll just have to figure out how to balance the two groups in one group. I want a place where all aros feel welcome ace or not. But ya that’s what I got. Sigh separating the two seems harder than i thought. Well it already seemed hard but still.
  12. English is my first language and I really like they as a singular pronoun even though it does have plural origins. They has also been used singularly for a while although it’s mostly been used for anonymity instead of a personal pronoun. But it’s still used in the same way. As far as other singular gender neutral pronouns go at least in the English language they aren’t as commonly used as singular they is. Merriam-Webster dictionary has a cool article about the usage of singular they https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/singular-nonbinary-they (oh this article was already shared above) I like being referred to as they because gender is very detached from that pronoun and since people generally are more familiar with it it’s easier for me to not get misgendered opposed to if I were to use neopronouns which only a few people have heard of and even fewer people know how to use them. But ya they isn’t entirely plural it’s used singularly too plus language changes overtime gay used to mean something else so did queer. So why can’t they be singular and used as a personal pronoun? On another note you is plural and singular yet we never hear people say “you is” it’s always “you are” they works in the same way. Another thing I’d like to add is that people use singular they pretty often like when you don’t know someone’s gender ex. “Someone called today.” Who were they?” That’s singular they, but the only time I really hear the “but it’s plural” argument is when it’s used as a personal pronoun for nonbinary people, so there’s that. Sorry about the long post I’m just really passionate about singular they.
  13. I made another thread about this but i'm trying to get an aro group started for the west coast i am currently in eugene but i'm able to meetup in portland and possibly seattle. if anyone is interested in starting a west coast aro group with me that would be great. on top of meeting in eugene or portland.
  14. Ok so i've been doing some more thinking and maybe making a facebook group for this would be a start. on top of that as far as meetups go i still don't know any people who would be interested in this but i was thinking for now voice calls or video chats would be a way to do meetings so i was thinking of making a discord server for that and maybe using skype or something. then if there's enough people in an area meetups could happen. before i start making things though i want to know if there are people in the area that are interested in doing this kind of activism. and if anyone has more suggestions that would be great.
  15. So i've been thinking about how aro activism could be better. at the moment it's been mostly online but i wanna have actual meetups in person. and i think it would be good visibility if we could have an aro group in a pride parade that was separate from ace groups. This doesn't feel like it can be obtained too quickly though, first i need people who are interested, second for now i think reaching out to ace groups would be able to help us eventually have a separate group. so far i've joined a facebook group for portland aces (like just today) and i plan to talk about this with them. so as a start maybe trying to have equal aro representation alongside aces at pride parades would be helpful but eventually i want to have an aro-centric group. this is because it's important for aro to be seen as its own orientation and not just a part of asexuality. Who is Interested? and do people have questions or any advice for starting something like this?
  16. As far as music goes apparently Cavetown is aro. I heard of him from my friends and I like his music. I dont know of any other musicians that are aro tho.
  17. Sorry for advertising but, First of all I just wanted to share the webcomic that I'm working on here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-other-side-of-the-wall/list?title_no=247918 it only has two chapters out so far but ill be updating every 6th of the month it has 3 main characters that are aro; well they all dont really feel romantic attraction but this world doesnt have a word for that. its also a take off of a soulmate AU where people are born with a tattoo of the name of their soulmate, except in this world some people werent born with a tattoo and theres a wall built between the two groups. any way if this sound intresting please read it! Second of all I know of the aromantic and asexual characters database but it mostly has books. Books are good although I perfer comic books better, but I was curious about if anyone is working on anything aro related like a song, or an animated short, a comic, or even just a script for a play or a movie. I also want to know if theres already media like this out there that is made by aros and aro-spec people, or has aro representation. I guess I'm just kinda bummed on how little representation there is in these other catagories.
  18. Movies and TV shows would be nice if they had aro representation. I feel like a lot of people watch and are into those types of media so having aro characters in those types of media would boost representation.
  19. I’m either in one of three places grants pass Eugene or Portland mostly Eugene and grants pass though.
  20. Hello I joined this back in May but then I was never really on here. Some of you might recognize me. But yeah hello! My name is Kieran but y’all can call me Ramen. I like anime and drawing I also knit. I’m also making a webcomic called “The Other Side of The Wall” and there’s a lot of aro and aro-spec characters and I’ll be putting it on webtoon. That’s all. Oh I forgot to say that the first chapter will be out on January 6th
  21. I’m from Oregon!!! I’m also aro/ace having some kind of meet up would be cool.
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