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  1. As far as music goes apparently Cavetown is aro. I heard of him from my friends and I like his music. I dont know of any other musicians that are aro tho.
  2. HotRamen

    Change one word!

    pillow fluff?
  3. Sorry for advertising but, First of all I just wanted to share the webcomic that I'm working on here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-other-side-of-the-wall/list?title_no=247918 it only has two chapters out so far but ill be updating every 6th of the month it has 3 main characters that are aro; well they all dont really feel romantic attraction but this world doesnt have a word for that. its also a take off of a soulmate AU where people are born with a tattoo of the name of their soulmate, except in this world some people werent born with a tattoo and theres a wall built between the two groups. any way if this sound intresting please read it! Second of all I know of the aromantic and asexual characters database but it mostly has books. Books are good although I perfer comic books better, but I was curious about if anyone is working on anything aro related like a song, or an animated short, a comic, or even just a script for a play or a movie. I also want to know if theres already media like this out there that is made by aros and aro-spec people, or has aro representation. I guess I'm just kinda bummed on how little representation there is in these other catagories.
  4. HotRamen

    Ranking Importance of Representation by Type

    Movies and TV shows would be nice if they had aro representation. I feel like a lot of people watch and are into those types of media so having aro characters in those types of media would boost representation.
  5. I’m either in one of three places grants pass Eugene or Portland mostly Eugene and grants pass though.
  6. Hello I joined this back in May but then I was never really on here. Some of you might recognize me. But yeah hello! My name is Kieran but y’all can call me Ramen. I like anime and drawing I also knit. I’m also making a webcomic called “The Other Side of The Wall” and there’s a lot of aro and aro-spec characters and I’ll be putting it on webtoon. That’s all. Oh I forgot to say that the first chapter will be out on January 6th
  7. I’m from Oregon!!! I’m also aro/ace having some kind of meet up would be cool.