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  1. I can see @Coyote's point of view here and yes, I do understand and realize that some aros don't want to have their sexual orientation with their romantic one. Maybe it, indeed, is best if we stick to this idea presented by @Coyote until and unless any allosexual aros want their sexual orientation represented along with their romantic orientation. Godspeed to All
  2. I do not recall any friends doing this with me. I would simply tell them you're fine with them doing that stuff and if you hadn't noticed it, I'd tell them that, too. I'm sure saying this to them will relieve them of a lot of stress as they probably only want you to feel comfortable around them.
  3. Well, I was simply thinking that, since aros can have various sexual identities, there could be media representing ace aros, homo aros, hetero aros, pan aros, bi aros, poly aros etc. Ah, yes, I see how that could be hard to understand. THE Andrew Hendricks!™ is a dear friend of mine from University and is, indeed, THE brightest Engineering mind in his field. I just have so much respect for this guy that I don't just call him Andrew Hendricks (boring!) but I give him his own "™" and call him THE Andrew Hendricks!™
  4. I just got done talking to THE Andrew Hendricks!™ about this and he suggested we have some allosexual aro media and some ace aro media? What does everyone think of THE Andrew Hendricks!™'s marvelous idea?
  5. My sister got married a couple days ago and a few days before the wedding my sister, my mom and the groom's mom were preparing. Here's a little conversation that occurred: My sister [to me]: Do you think you'll get married someday? Me: No, I don't want to. My sister: Are you being serious or are you just saying that? Me: I'm serious. My mom [to my sister]: He still has time to think about it. I think what my mom said implied that I would come around to marry one day. Edit: Speaking of weddings and other formal family events, here's another situation that kind of irks me. I was dressed up for the wedding and people repeatedly told me I looked handsome. I do not like to be called handsome or good-looking. Does anyone else feel this way?
  6. To take this further, I believe a cisgender, heterosexual, heteroromantic person can be LGBTQ if they're queer in terms of sensual (and maybe aesthetic) orientation. For example, an individual who is cisgender, heteroromantic, heterosexual and bisensual (and/or biaesthetic) could be considered queer. Thoughts?
  7. Wow. Just because you've never heard of something doesn't give you the right to deny its existence. Open up your minds, people!
  8. Is it just me or are they insinuating that aro people are evil?!!!!
  9. There are so many, where do I begin? I'll show you a couple songs shown to me by AVEN's very own HayaH.
  10. Does this stand for "non-binary loving girls"? Godspeed
  11. With this definition, I think I may have gotten a flash back to a moment on AVEN where this term was mentioned!
  12. @aroalien Hello! Welcome to Arocalypse! Have ! Name or religion? (I'm guessing that's your name but I ask just to be sure) I'm interested to hear your definition on this as I don't think I have ever heard this orientation before. I tried to search the web for this one but didn't really find anything useful.
  13. Very fascinating! I genuinely appreciate the insight you took the time to give me. It helps a lot.
  14. I thought I would make this thread, you know, just for the hell of it! Here's a song for when I'm happy: A song for when I'm sad: Lastly (but not least) a song for when I'm angry: What are your songs?
  15. I think this is spot on. It's annoying to me that romantic relationships are "first and foremost" in society. As it says at the end of the article, amatonormativity, begone!
  16. I wonder, what's the difference between neopronouns and trans ones?
  17. https://lgbtrc.usc.edu/trans/transgender/pronouns/ Hello everyone. I am currently writing the preface to a book with a profound message for trans folk. I am trying to use transgender pronouns for the main character. I do have a question, though, based on the above link. This link is for trans pronouns and I'm a little confused on "hir/zir" vs "hirs/zirs". To elaborate more, would an alternative to "her computer" (for an AFAB transgender person) be "zirs computer" or "zir computer"? I'm thinking it's "zirs computer" but I just want to be sure. Thank you in advance. Godspeed
  18. Well, not that you're only supposed to say nice things about it. You can disagree but you should do so respectfully.
  19. The documentary below is an overview of something I really want to do in the future. Feel free to leave any impressions you had and/or any insights you gained while watching this documentary. I, personally, had some (semi-)emotional moments while watching it because of how loving and accepting everyone was to each other and because of the holy ceremonies performed. If you like this documentary please feel free to share it with others you may know. **WARNING** The contents in this documentary go way against the societal grain and may be met with extreme skepticism by some who watch it. I do ask, because of this, that just because some of you may not be willing to accept the information presented in this documentary, that no one leave any negative comments. If you are the type of person who is quick to make assumptions and tends to be close-minded, please exit this thread NOW. This discussion is not for you. I will trust that moderators of this forum will call out any unwelcome reactions on this thread. Thank you for your cooperation.
  20. I only like hugs from family members or very dear friends who are male-bodied. If they're female-bodied I feel it's too "intimate" and the fact that I don't like to touch females like that. Kissing and cuddling? I don't like to do those things with people but I could do those things with furry animals!
  21. Oh, I forgot to mention that my high school Spanish teacher really isn't a bad guy and is by no means trying to make me uncomfortable. He had good intentions whilst saying this stuff to me, I'm sure. He's just misinformed.
  22. Well, I think the concept of romance is an exaggerated form of ludus. In my opinion, it became popularized and, as it became universally accepted, people started to view it as a requirement for life and for humanity.
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