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  1. Speak your truth with the word SHIVAI -- I AM SHIVAI

  2. @Coyote I just took the survey and I have a few questions. 1) Does 'mehmantic' mean you're neutral to romance or that you're in between feeling and not feeling romantic attraction? Could it mean something else, even? 2) Do you know if a post has already been made about this on AVEN? That way I can make a post about it if necessary.
  3. August 1 is the planned date of a surgery I'm supposed to undergo for a thinned artery. We think the chances of me surviving are about 90 - 95%. I fear death not so I'm fearing not. Goodbye for now.

    1. Ace of Amethysts

      Ace of Amethysts

      I hope you survive :/

  4. I originally thought Emmett "Doc" Brown from Back to the Future was on the aro/ace spectrum but I was disappointed upon Back to the Future 3 where Doc fell into love with a woman and had children. This rules out him being aro (because he said he loved this woman) and it most likely rules out him being ace. I thought that was quite unfortunate. I still like him, though.
  5. I'd visit somewhere in the future, say, the year 2100. I would just love to see what people and society would be like.
  6. Well, I'm already married! (Not to another person, though) Edit: From another perspective, one could say I'm in the process of Holy Matrimony.
  7. I'm no medical professional so I couldn't give you advice there but I developed a theory a couple years ago that any "hallucinations" could be the brain detecting a person (or other entity) in another timeline or dimension. I've heard that the veil of illusion is thinning and that people are beginning to see things they wouldn't see otherwise. Let me ask you these: 1) Do you think these figures appear at random times? 2) Upon trying to look directly at the figures with your physical eyes, do they seem to disappear?
  8. @Alyssia Hello! I'm glad you asked this question because I have my own experiences regarding this. Now, I'm not the type to experience crushes or squishes or the like. What I am about to reveal is, I think, even less traditionally known than a squish. I have coined the term "expansion" to describe this feeling I've had for certain people. An expansion describes the desire to be spiritually or mentally intimate with another. My preferred way to be spiritually or mentally intimate is by sharing my own personal truths or "inner world" that would not normally be shared with others. In September 2018 I came into personal contact with a transgender-identifying character on AVEN. For the sake of their anonymity I shall not reveal their name. They claimed to be "a marriage in one body". This means they claimed to be two souls in one body, a man in a woman's body. They told me of personal spiritual experiences they'd had in 1998 (the year my physical body was born). I'm not currently in contact with them but I've been listening to this song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4ukTsC0oTw) and it gives me deeply fond memories of them and their near-death experiences they shared with me. It makes me a bit melancholy, really. There's someone else on AVEN with whom I'm still in contact. We have had similar spiritual experiences and beliefs. We both have deeply personal spiritual beliefs, truths and "stories" we share with each other that I or they (I don't think) don't share normally with others. We've become really good internet friends based on these things. I've experienced expansions on others but it would take too long to go into detail about every one. Godspeed
  9. @orel0050 What you have mentioned seems to be akin to a QPR. Welcome to Arocalypse, by the way. Have an infinite amount of !
  10. FUCK no! And I wouldn't want to, either! Listen, if anyone tried to ask me out, this song explains it all. Or this song (especially this song!).
  11. Crush: The desire to do romantic (and possibly sexual) things with an individual Squish: The desire for other than a friendship but other than a romantic relationship; the aromantic version of a crush *Smash: The desire to act physically and/or verbally violent at an extreme to an individual out of ruthless aggression, anger and/or hatred *Expansion: The desire to direct, to an extreme, compassion, love, service and kindness to an individual; the desire to act in a godly way towards someone; opposite of a smash (The terms with an asterisk are terms coined by me) So, what do you think? Please let me know in the comments section below.
  12. @rain of arrows Well, consider this a lesson learnt. What I'd do is that next time someone asks you to go to the movies with them, be clear that you're not romantically interested in them and that there will be no romantic undertone with the encounter.
  13. I can see @Coyote's point of view here and yes, I do understand and realize that some aros don't want to have their sexual orientation with their romantic one. Maybe it, indeed, is best if we stick to this idea presented by @Coyote until and unless any allosexual aros want their sexual orientation represented along with their romantic orientation. Godspeed to All
  14. I do not recall any friends doing this with me. I would simply tell them you're fine with them doing that stuff and if you hadn't noticed it, I'd tell them that, too. I'm sure saying this to them will relieve them of a lot of stress as they probably only want you to feel comfortable around them.
  15. Well, I was simply thinking that, since aros can have various sexual identities, there could be media representing ace aros, homo aros, hetero aros, pan aros, bi aros, poly aros etc. Ah, yes, I see how that could be hard to understand. THE Andrew Hendricks!™ is a dear friend of mine from University and is, indeed, THE brightest Engineering mind in his field. I just have so much respect for this guy that I don't just call him Andrew Hendricks (boring!) but I give him his own "™" and call him THE Andrew Hendricks!™
  16. I just got done talking to THE Andrew Hendricks!™ about this and he suggested we have some allosexual aro media and some ace aro media? What does everyone think of THE Andrew Hendricks!™'s marvelous idea?
  17. My sister got married a couple days ago and a few days before the wedding my sister, my mom and the groom's mom were preparing. Here's a little conversation that occurred: My sister [to me]: Do you think you'll get married someday? Me: No, I don't want to. My sister: Are you being serious or are you just saying that? Me: I'm serious. My mom [to my sister]: He still has time to think about it. I think what my mom said implied that I would come around to marry one day. Edit: Speaking of weddings and other formal family events, here's another situation that kind of irks me. I was dressed up for the wedding and people repeatedly told me I looked handsome. I do not like to be called handsome or good-looking. Does anyone else feel this way?
  18. To take this further, I believe a cisgender, heterosexual, heteroromantic person can be LGBTQ if they're queer in terms of sensual (and maybe aesthetic) orientation. For example, an individual who is cisgender, heteroromantic, heterosexual and bisensual (and/or biaesthetic) could be considered queer. Thoughts?
  19. Wow. Just because you've never heard of something doesn't give you the right to deny its existence. Open up your minds, people!
  20. Is it just me or are they insinuating that aro people are evil?!!!!
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