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  1. Ascension has been difficult for me. I know I chose this before birthing here. Carry on I must.

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    2. NotHeartless


      Ok, then see how it goes for you. I'm the most sceptical towards not drinking anything (for several days especially) since dehydration can come quicker than you think. When your family doesn't have understanding or will literally freak out, try to remember they love you and are afraid of losing you. Try to see from their point too, even if it's difficult.

    3. The Angel of Eternity

      The Angel of Eternity

      @NotHeartless Oh, for sure. I definitely see where they're coming from. I realize that many people don't truly understand Breatharianism or similar concepts. Whether or not they choose to understand is up to them. There will be a point where I just have to go for it, regardless of their reaction. It's my dream.

      Do you watch any YouTube channels on spirituality?

    4. NotHeartless


      I agree, especially with the "whether or not they choose to understand is up to them". There are things we can influence and things we can't and it's a good lesson when we learn which is which.
      Usually, I don't really watch videos on spirituality (I'm more into books) but I've found JasonJGallant's channel several months ago as I was struggling with my ego and difficult emotions. His words really helped me and eased my pain. Only a small channel, but great.

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