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  1. So, a couple years ago, I had subscribed to a numerology site. I thought I had unsubscribed but something just entered my inbox today. Since it's my birthday tomorrow, I apparently received something from that site, telling me what my "main theme" for the year ahead would be. You'll never guess what it said. It said that my life would be "rich with romance"! How incredible! It just makes that site THAT MUCH less trustworthy for me. There's no spirituality in that for me at all! Not a bit! What an annoying piece of spam!

  2. I hadn't thought of that level of extreme but if someone were doing that to me, I might be threatened if it were pushed onto me enough. With that level of neediness from that guy, though, I don't blame this girl for her reaction. Once it gets to that point, it's definitely time to activate your declaration for independence.
  3. Poetry can really be about our "inner worlds" so to speak. Here's a poem I wrote, explaining deep moments of anger I've had. Trigger Warning: The following poem mentions death and killing.
  4. I am more prone to seeing sexual harassment as threatening. With romantic harassment, I could only see it as annoying unless it involved actual touch. If the person knew where I lived, I could easily lock my doors, turn on an alarm system or whatever and just ignore them should they decide to stop by. As far as experiences go, here's a thread I made a little while back:
  5. I would back @TheLostDragon on the social aspect of such a space. It's needed. To add my own thoughts, I've been to a queer space on my campus and they had speaking activities. I think it would be a good idea to have speaking activities there, too. For example, people could talk about romantic and/or sexual experiences -- including what members think of the sex and romance lives of their peers. I don't know, I may be getting too generic. Speaking activities to get to know the other members could work, though.
  6. I've watched this movie as a kid and thought nothing of the romance stuff. Your comment makes me wonder, though, does this movie make people think it's ok to force romance onto another?
  7. I just watched the below video and wanted to know others' thoughts on it:



    1. NotHeartless


      Heavy topic and I am shoked there are adults who force a child to transition. If a child would say they don't feel like a boy/girl, I'd talk to them about in detail and if it's severe go to see a therapist. But in these cases it's just...plain wrong.
      I'm out of words.
      I happen to be an older transguy and I can confirm a transition is a huge thing. I have thought about it a lot (as writing this, I have not transitioned physically yet). Forcing children to transition like this is irresponsible and it takes away validity from people who are transgender and do feel way better after transitioning (or just identifying as another gender).
      The guy said he was a heavy drinker and took drugs to endure the physical pain and the condition of his psyche - that's me not too long ago. I woke up and forsworn alcohol to finally get my shit together, but I drank to endure heavy gender dysphoria which isn't any better.
      Responsibility lies with the parents, the therapists (the whole healthcare system), every adult involved. Abuse is a very serious issue too and it affects the psyche in ways I can only speculate about but I can imagine it can twist a young mind extremely. Also, children tend to believe what they are told because they are children, still in development, and do not know any better (yet). We must not make the mistake of thinking "you were absued, that's why you're trans / that's why you are homosexual", etc. There are people who act a certain way (to protect their mental health) because they were abused and there are people who just are homosexual or transgender because of nature (put a bit dull).
      Finally, a transition is not to be taken lightly under any circumstances. One must think about the consequences for their mental, social, physical health and many other things. All that being said it's important the video raises awareness for this problem because in all honesty, it's scary and it destroys lives. 
      My thoughts about it.

  8. I would really hope that, if she sees you as a good mom, she isn't meaning "HAVE A CHILD RIGHT THIS MOMENT!!!"
  9. As someone really interested in Eastern and New Age spirituality, this resonates with me. It describes my relationships with other versions of me on anther timelines with whom I'm energetically in contact and can "channel" when I desire.
  10. The way I see it, never mind what others think. People will be people. If you do want to educate someone, though, I would say that sexual/romantic orientations can vary widely. If there exist people who have heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic tendencies etc, you can tell them it only makes sense for some people to have aromantic tendencies.
  11. @treepod I can completely relate to this (though I do not have as many examples as you do). Unlike what you mentioned, I do not plan to have a QPR in the future. I plan to remain completely single. My example may have made it a bit more "explosive" to bear than were I planning to have a QPR. Anyway, here's my example: My dad had shown me the movie trilogy of Back to the Future in late June or early July 2019 -- somewhere around that period. There was a character in there named Emmet "Doc" Brown. Emmet is a mad scientist who focuses on his crazy invention ideas. I envisioned him as an ace/aro because he had not had any romantic/sexual relationship pushes in the trilogy (he even reminded me of a teacher/counselor at my university who looked like Doc AND was good at math AND whom I suspect may be ace/aro! -- I greatly respect this counselor/teacher.). During Back to the Future III, it was revealed that Doc had fallen into love and, at the end, had children with the woman with whom he'd fallen into love. I was a little disappointed about this, realizing he would never live up to my "ideal" of what he should be. I still like Doc just as much as before, though, and I have accepted this revelation. After all, it's not wise to be too attached to one's expectations of what another should be. That will be detrimental to one upon realizing that person cannot and will not live up to those expectations.
  12. It's 11:11! Divine synchronicity!

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