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  1. Spirit of God

    Early signs that you were aro

    I remember, as a freshman or sophomore in high school, I had a dream where one of the girls at my high school had a crush on me and they were vocal to me about it. Instead of going out with her, I spent time with my friends.
  2. Spirit of God

    Aro.......but in the worst way (Song)

    @Apathetic Echidna Gosh, I can understand your annoyance toward the lyrics to this song. People must get enlightened on issues like this.
  3. Spirit of God

    ingen kommer här fram, här fram...

    @Holmbo May I ask what language this is?
  4. Spirit of God

    Tell me about your day

    For the past couple of days (6/14 - 6/16), I've been taking care of my sister who broke both of her heels due to a rock-climbing incident. It was stressful at times, but we got through it. On top of that, on 6/17, in the morning, my sister and mom were arguing. I'm not quite sure why, but it ended with my mom saying 'f you' to my sister. Now she's really sad about it and doesn't want to talk to my mom for a long time. On a lighter note, yesterday morning (6/18), I got up at 4:30 AM and got ready to watch the sunrise. Sunrise was at about 6:45 and I was out in nature when it happened, watching it in all of its magnificence. It was beautiful.
  5. I am asking this because it's been of interest to me. I used to take warm showers, stand in the shower and let the warm water run over me while, at the same time, wasting water. I have realized that warmer water might not be as good for the skin because it dries the skin out. Now, I like to take really cold showers, as in, I put the water onto its coldest setting (Wim Hof style) while rinsing myself. It feels good, but in a different way than warm water. I hope this question wasn't too inappropriate for anyone who might read this.
  6. Spirit of God

    Aromantic Moments

    I agree. If I were in a romantic relationship as an asexual, I would let my romantic partner (assuming they're allosexual) have sex with someone else. Hell, I would probably even let them have another romantic partner if they wished! In fact, I would simply let them break up with me! It's THAT simple!
  7. Spirit of God

    Tell me about your day

    I think you do, but you probably would call it a 'recycling truck.'
  8. Spirit of God

    Tell me about your day

    My day went well. I have been doing things getting ready for my new job as a bagger at Smith's. Also, I have been following the recycling-service-bot around the neighborhood. When it emptied the cans, it made lots of messes, so I had to clean up the messes it left and dump them into other cans that hadn't been emptied yet.
  9. Spirit of God

    Riddle me this - Orientations and Karma

    Do you mean IISIS?
  10. Spirit of God

    Riddle me this - Orientations and Karma

    Definitely! I'd love to read it. Thanks.
  11. Spirit of God

    hello, new here

    Hi and welcome. Have some ice cream
  12. *Note: This question is mainly for those who believe in karma and reincarnation, but others are free to answer as well. Yesterday, a question came to my mind. Could sexual/romantic/sensual/aesthetic/gender orientations be part of one's karmic lessons that need to be learnt in this current life? What are your thoughts? Please elaborate in as much detail as you can. Thank you. Also, I don't know if the forum 'Sexuality and Gender' is the right place to put this, but I have given it my best shot.
  13. Spirit of God

    You might be aro if...

    I actually made a vow to do this a few years ago and I'm still sticking with it.
  14. Spirit of God

    Afraid of squish

    I think I may have had some squishes a few years ago and I understand how frustrating it can be. I hope I never get another one ever again so I can feel more liberated. I wish you the best of blessings in transcending this one! And always remember: When hard times come, cope bravely and steadfast!
  15. Spirit of God

    You might be aro if...

    Exactly how I felt. I thought people were kidding when they talked about romantic or sexual stuff.