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  1. Do you feel betrayed by someone in your life whom you trusted? I found the below video that might shine some light on things. The people in the video are mainly talking about getting over romantic relationships, but I think this advice applies to other types of relationships, as well.




  2. If it's short enough, why not type it out on this thread?
  3. This moment is probably an aromantic AND an asexual moment. Last year, my then roommates randomly sat with me at an on-campus restaurant at my university. I don't remember how we entered this topic, but I told them something along the lines of "At least no one is attracted to me". They said that I was lying, and one of them told me something that happened: One day, I was walking past my roommate in the hallway of our dorm building, and we greeted each other. Apparently, a girl came up to my roommate and told him that she thought I was cute. My reaction to this story: It feels so unnatural that anyone would want to direct that kind of attention toward me. That's just weird. At least this person never said to my face that I was cute.
  4. So, I've based a character on Twenty-One Pilots member Josh Dun (hard to explain). In this narrative, Josh is aromantic and asexual. His friend, Tyler Joseph, leaves to go on an LDS mission. Since Josh isn't LDS, he must stay behind. However, months before Tyler leaves on his mission, Josh and Tyler post an ad in a newspaper for someone to let Josh live with them. Josh meets the family with whom he'll live while Tyler is away. Shiva, a teenage female, is a member of this family. Apparently, Shiva falls into love (lust, really) with Josh upon seeing his identity in this newspaper. Shiva meets Josh in real life, and her heart is racing, because she wants to be sensual with him. Later, Josh visits her high school to spend the day. He meets some of Shiva's friends, who also develop crushes on Josh. I'll spare you all the details, but Shiva and her friends keep being "lovey dovey" and romantic around Josh. This makes Josh VERY uneasy. He always declines all their moves. Fast forward a few years, and Josh and Tyler are in college. Josh is glad to be away from Shiva and her friends, finally, because he thinks that such a situation won't happen at college. Boy, is he wrong. A hefty handful of girls start to flirt with and make moves on Josh until, ultimately, Josh hits a breaking point. He yells at all the girls who have a crush on him, saying that he feels uncomfortable with it, and that he just wants to be left alone. This leaves the girls in shock and confusion, never having seen Josh lash out like that. Josh then tells Tyler what transpired, and they set up a time to discuss it with a counselor. During his appointment with the counselor, Josh doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is, passionately and angrily telling the counselor that he just wants people not to crush on him, etc. Then, Josh starts to cry in front of the counselor, because of the years of trauma built up inside of him from all the romantic, sensual, and sexual attraction directed at him. That night, Josh cries himself to sleep. The next morning, Josh awakens refreshed, having figured out why all these girls have been crushing on him. An aspect of himself that he's been "showing" to the world is being mirrored back to him in the form of girls hitting on him. With that realization, Josh starts to find that girls aren't hitting on him as much. Even Shiva and her friends stop hitting on Josh (Josh visits Shiva and her friends later, and they apologize to Josh for their behavior around him). This makes him feel holy. Fast forward a couple more years, and hardly anyone hits on Josh. Now, he can focus on his Earth mission, which is to help the environment by finding ways to recycle more. He does this through activating his 12D Christos Self, as he helps birth the new Earth he wants to see. END Now, I don't know about you, but this is what I call a romance story with a happily-ever-after!
  5. I am a vegetarian, mainly for spiritual reasons. One day, however, I plan to attend a workshop to become breatharian.
  6. I don't know of any academic journals on this. I'm sorry about that. However, the media has made me think that romance was a normal, but it never made me feel invalid or that I was wrong. I just accepted it, I suppose. I guess you could say that I was viewing it objectively. Thankfully, I've never been pressured into a romantic, sexual, etc., relationship because of the media!
  7. I took a Spanish class last semester. Romantic stuff wasn't discussed a whole lot, but I remember, on Valentine's Day, there was a group activity where you had to write a love letter to a person, whose picture was on the letter. All I did was say things I'd like in a good friend! Also, recently, in my Independent Living Seminar, there was a sex education lecture. During this lecture, there was not only talk of what you'd want in a specific person, but pictures of private parts. Mind you, these were all students with disabilities of some sort, so I wasn't alone in my feeling of discomfort.
  8. If you click the "What's on your mind?" box, a text box with a cursor should appear, and you should be able to post your status update. That's how it has worked for me.
  9. I like it. If anyone asked me to be their partner, I might do something along these lines (depending on their personality and how much I like them as a friend).
  10. I was angry; then I learned to love.


    Anger and intimidation are based on self-preservation, which is based in fear. Love and compassion are based on fearlessness and confidence in oneself.

  11. Ascension has been difficult for me. I know I chose this before birthing here. Carry on I must.

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    2. NotHeartless


      Ok, then see how it goes for you. I'm the most sceptical towards not drinking anything (for several days especially) since dehydration can come quicker than you think. When your family doesn't have understanding or will literally freak out, try to remember they love you and are afraid of losing you. Try to see from their point too, even if it's difficult.

    3. Flamer Shivai

      Flamer Shivai

      @NotHeartless Oh, for sure. I definitely see where they're coming from. I realize that many people don't truly understand Breatharianism or similar concepts. Whether or not they choose to understand is up to them. There will be a point where I just have to go for it, regardless of their reaction. It's my dream.

      Do you watch any YouTube channels on spirituality?

    4. NotHeartless


      I agree, especially with the "whether or not they choose to understand is up to them". There are things we can influence and things we can't and it's a good lesson when we learn which is which.
      Usually, I don't really watch videos on spirituality (I'm more into books) but I've found JasonJGallant's channel several months ago as I was struggling with my ego and difficult emotions. His words really helped me and eased my pain. Only a small channel, but great.

  12. 1) Other; My sister introduced me to the term 'asexual'. I thought I was "straight by default" beforehand, though. 2) Yes; discovering my sexual orientation helped me discover my romantic orientation. 3) I see them as related because they're similar.
  13. So, a couple years ago, I had subscribed to a numerology site. I thought I had unsubscribed but something just entered my inbox today. Since it's my birthday tomorrow, I apparently received something from that site, telling me what my "main theme" for the year ahead would be. You'll never guess what it said. It said that my life would be "rich with romance"! How incredible! It just makes that site THAT MUCH less trustworthy for me. There's no spirituality in that for me at all! Not a bit! What an annoying piece of spam!

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