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  1. First of all, I'd like to point out that while I administer this site, I have no oversight over the Discord server. (I don't even have the address to go chat on it, so there's that) This post has been reported, but it breaks none of the rules. The closest one it might come to breaking is: But, since Triple A didn't call anyone out specifically, he didn't break this rule. I'd say all he did here was post an opinion that might be unpopular to many of the members of this site. In my personal opinion, I find the term "aro-spec" a bit... misleading. Imagine a scale between someone who experiences zero romantic attraction, and someone hyper-romantic, just can't get enough. Aromanticism is one end of that scale. It's a single point along a continuous line. Grey-romantic, on the other hand, defines a broad range of experiences. It's hard to say where you would draw the line between grey-romantic and allo-romantic. It's not like we can assign a numerical score to our romantic attraction intensity and say anything below 73 is grey, and 0 is aro. 74 and up is allo. So, we have to use a more subjective judgement here. In my opinion, if someone feels that their peers are much different than them, and/or are struggling because of the difference in how they experience romantic attraction, then they are grey-romantic. I'd prefer to see the term "Grey-ro spec", but I won't lose any sleep over it. From there, you can go into more specific buckets, like lithromantic, demiromantic, etc. Imagine this as just a smaller and smaller subset of individuals (the next smaller set something like homo-lithromantic, etc.) Again, in my personal opinion, I think defining aromantic as "never or sometimes feels romantic attraction" is also misleading. The Latin/Greek (not sure) root a- means without or not. If we start to include "sometimes" folks into that term, then what term do we use for folks who are "without"? While Jot-Aro's "one of the most stereotypical no-romance-ever aromantics" makes it more clear, it's also a bit of a mouthful. Once upon a time, I called myself aromantic because I was denying that my handful of crushes made me grey-romantic. Notice that my label is now "Grey-romantic", even though I experience almost no romantic attraction. One label isn't somehow superior to another, and if we use clear definitions, then we can discard "no-romance-ever" from the aromantic label, and just start saying "aromantic". This is a site for aromantic and grey-romantic people, so nobody has to jump ship if they switch labels. As for the flag, I can see Triple A's point, but immediately counter with "well the asexual flag does it too". In fact, the ace flag includes everyone who isn't actively opposed to asexuality since purple is for "allies" or "community". So in that analogy, the aromantic flag works similarly. If folks want to wave a demi-romantic flag to show that they are in that smaller bucket, that's fine, but they could also be waving the more general aromantic flag too. I'm honestly surprised that any consensus has been made over the aromantic flag. I thought that was still up in the air, so to speak.
  2. Feel free to contact me for all your self destruct needs. Your posts will appear to be written by a guest, as seen in the previous post.
  3. I think you get an upgrade at 25 posts. Enjoy!
  4. The database crashed yesterday and I fixed it this morning. I am at work now but will check on this tomorrow.
  5. I believe that if you edit the first post of the thread, then you will have an option to delete the thread entirely. The option only appears when you edit the very first message of the thread and you're also the poster. (Well, I guess you can't edit somebody else's post anyway) As for deleting your account, I'm the only one who can do that. It will remove all your information and any post you had made previously will still be there but the poster's name is changed to either "guest" or "anonymous". Just message me and I can take care of it. I've only done it three times so far, so it's pretty rare.
  6. Hey folks please keep it civil and don't quote abusive posts since that's just throwing gasoline on the fire. I think this is a good discussion, so I'm leaving it open unless it gets out of hand.
  7. I'll take a look. This is all related to an upgrade in php version. As for the leaderboard, it's a measure of most active posters over the last week. You get a chance to win every week. I think I set certain subforums to not count, like off topic
  8. Thanks! But I didn't write any of this, I merely installed it. Invision does the work.
  9. Try coming to this site on your phone and see how it works for you. Works pretty well for what I need.
  10. OK, so I've added the new terms, but I'm still not sure what to do with WTFromantic. Could you all be more specific? I could just remove it if it's obsolete.
  11. Sure, do we have some new terms to add?
  12. That's a pretty good idea, I'll see if I can do something like that. As for the Discord server, I don't run that. It's not officially associated with the site. Well, the menu item was super easy to add after all, and it looks pretty nice.
  13. If the contact form is causing php errors, I can look into that. But I'm not really sure what the form is for. The information there was written several years ago and not kept up to date. Is there information there that seems wrong? My intent is indeed for the default url to bring everybody to these forums, but I suppose I could make it more clear that the other pages exist. Can you think of a good way to do that without annoying the aro veterans of the board?
  14. @Sammy Sadly I don't have any control over that. It is just a free third party plugin that supports the current forum software. @sennkestra, if you experience more forum troubles and you have an AVEN account, you can message me there under the same user name. Most of the recent issues were caused by an upgrade to the php version. Hopefully all the problems with that have worked themselves out by now. Sorry for all the recent downtime!
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