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  1. Blue Phoenix Ace

    Allow personals/dating requests?

    I think we're getting a little hung up on the semantics of the word "date". Maybe "Meetup" is a better word as it related to aromantic people. In this case, the poster was specifically looking for a long term relationship or QPR, so "Meetup" isn't quite right either. If we confined such posts into the Meetup subforum, would that suffice or would it be better to make a new one?
  2. Blue Phoenix Ace

    Allow personals/dating requests?

    I'm asking you members of the community about this since a recent post was made concerning someone looking for a date. I know AVEN's stance is such posts are not allowed. Allowing them might be beneficial to many of the users here. How else can aromantics find a QPR or the like? On the other hand, it could open the door to a lot of lewd posting. What do you think?
  3. Hey @JB42, there's currently no rule against dating posts on this site. However, I'm not sure I want this to turn into a dating site either. I'm moving it to "off topic" for now but things might change in the next few days. PS: It's actually a pretty sweet post, I hope you find what you're looking for.
  4. Blue Phoenix Ace

    Intersectionality Forum

    I thought I could do that on my phone, but it didn't work. But, I just got it up and running. Enjoy!
  5. Blue Phoenix Ace


    Making sure the new subforum works. Oh, and..... FIRST!!!!!!!1!111
  6. Blue Phoenix Ace

    Intersectionality Forum

    Enough people have requested this that I'll go ahead and add it. Give me a few minutes.
  7. Blue Phoenix Ace

    General site suggestions

    Hmm thanks for the report. I don't think I have any control over that. I wonder if that was done by the forum software on purpose or if it a bug.
  8. Blue Phoenix Ace

    Religion Thread

    Hey folks, we're all weird here and we all believe in weird things. Aromanticism is weird if you look at it through the lens of 99% of society and the amatonormativity that gets banged into everybody's head since the age of 2. It's weird to think somebody would have no desire or interest in romance. Given that example, we can see that having a belief that others see as weird doesn't necessarily make a person weird. That being said, let's keep the discussion respectful. Remember that something like 90% of communication is lost when all you have is text instead of talking face to face. That 90% comes from body language and tone of voice. Avoid using sarcasm on the internet, and always read back what you've typed in a flat tone to make sure it still sounds like what you mean. If it doesn't, just delete it and try again. Thanks all for participating in the forums. I'm glad to have y'all here.
  9. Blue Phoenix Ace

    How do I embed videos?

    Like this? Copy the URL and paste into here. Easy peasy.
  10. Blue Phoenix Ace

    General site suggestions

    I believe blocked people can see none of your content, including status updates. I don't think there is any way to block your status updates but not your posts from certain people (nor can I set any settings to do that).
  11. Blue Phoenix Ace

    Theme/link error message

    Support responded that I need to update the theme, however that didn't fix the problem. The theme is no longer supported, so I doubt we'll see a fix for this one... I think what happened is a recent update to IPS required some new code to be added into the theme that isn't there. What's so egregious here is that there is no way to know what the link pointed to. If I get some more time, I'll try to figure this out.
  12. Blue Phoenix Ace

    Theme/link error message

    I don't know so I logged a support ticket. I am pretty sure this used to work until a recent update.
  13. Blue Phoenix Ace

    Theme/link error message

    Hmm that is really strange. Looks like Dark Blue does it too, but not Grey... What is really strange is that line 213 of that file is this: if ( static::$memberTheme === NULL ) Which has nothing to do with Friendly::url
  14. Blue Phoenix Ace


    Not dead, at least not yet. I think I've been letting the forums down lately. I've done little more than keep the lights on. I did look at some analytics recently. While the number of new posts has been dwindling, the number of visitors is steadily increasing. Despite the slowing of new content, it seems that we have more folks visiting to get information, which is also good. I tried a Google AdWords campaign, but the results were abysmal. I had a handful if clickthroughs, maybe three a month. What can I do better in 2018?
  15. Blue Phoenix Ace

    General site suggestions

    Hmm, I dunno. We have six reactions now. Can you just use the heart for hugging?