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    Alternatively, assumed you were bi or pan because you felt equally towards all genders.
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    YMBAI when somebody tries to explain the concept of "friendzone" to you, and you just don't understand what is their problem with that. It sounds amazing. It sounds idyllic, like something you always genuinely wanted. YMBAI romantic relationships seem like a temporary thing, and you don't get it how grown adults believe that they gonna last ⁓forever⁓.
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    When you thought all this time your standards were just incredibly high 🙄
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    YMBAI you are on this website and reading all (or some) of these things and nodding your head or smiling because you relate.
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    I recently heard a quote from the famous feminist, Gloria Steinem. When asked why she wasn't married, she responded with this gem. "I don't mate in captivity." It's now my favorite sentence in the English language because of how elegantly it sums up my aromantic experience. I'd like to hear if anyone else in the community knows some nice and simple ways of communicating that kind of aro pride with such concision. After all, we could all use a more efficient and well-tuned way to explain aromanticism. I look forward to reading some other examples.
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    YMBAI when people around you talk about what crushes feel like and to you it sounds like a serious medical condition.
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    YMBAI you get upset when a book, movie, or tv show ruins a perfectly good friendship by turning it romantic unnecessarily. YMBAI you can't flirt to save your life.
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    If you have thought your squishes were crushes or have had to make up crushes to fit in.
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    You might be aro if Arocalypse feels more like home than anywhere else.
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    YMBAI you are annoyed that straight people of the opposite sex don't want to accept being "just" friends.
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    Assumed you were straight, and then realized you felt nothing towards any gender.
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    YMBAI you found kiss scenes in the middle of action completely stupid. Like, why are you kissing right now when zombies are about to kill you?
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    You might be aro if you mistook sexual, aesthetic or sensual attraction for a crush. You might be aro if you thought romantic feelings described by others must be exaggerated. You might be aro if you never notice when someone has a crush on you, unless someone points it out to you. You might be aro if you broke somebody's heart by accident, even without realizing it, simply because you underestimated the intensity of their feelings. You might be aro if you felt suffocated and overwhelmed in a romantic relationship. You might be aro if the pet names people gave to their partners, always felt artificial and ridiculous to you.
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    No problem YMBAI you started dating someone who you should be really good with on paper and you genuinely like, but once you're in the relationship, you feel uncomfortable or trapped.
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    Dated someone because you felt like you were supposed to.
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    You might be aromantic if you love this thread as much as I do haha Also you might be aromantic if you have feelings for someone but could never see yourself in a relationship with them. You might be aromantic if you love kids movies because you can escape romantic main plots.
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    YMBAI you wanted a relationship, but when you started trying it just felt wrong and boring to you
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    You might be aro if you don't understand the point of romantic relationships.
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    I’ve noticed that the color green seems really appealing to me now lol. I wonder if it’s a subconscious thing because I’ve finally accepted my aro-ness.
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    YMBAI when you try the hardest to fit into society's idea of 'relationship' and it leaves you just more, and more depressed.
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    YMBAI you just wanted to talk to and spend time with your "crush" but not do anything romantic with them (basically you thought you had a crush on someone but it's probably closer to a squish)
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    YMBAI you've been in relationships and thought you were in love but then look back and realize you just thought that person was like cool and funny and that's not actually love according to allo-ros.
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    YMBAI people constantly tell you you're flirting and you're like, 'What? That was flirting?'
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    You might be aro if you don't understand how most people seem to have crushes all the time... Or if you thought you were just picky when it came to crushes..
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    Never experiencing crushes.