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    Played hangman today and I slipped in the words Zucchini and squish because I could. Nobody noticed that I used two Aromantic terms in a row but whatever because I knew 😏
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    my friend (possibly ace-spec) asked about different types of attraction and i explained them and QPRs. 😊
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    I went to a convention last weekend and two of the stalls with pride flag products had aro stuff! i got a cute pin and if i can find the card i took from the table ill post it so anyone who wants a pin or something can buy one
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    I finished my documentary! Here it is.
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    Feeling simultaneously very loved by the aro community and very socially isolated by my IRL friends. I hope everyone here is doing all right, and if anyone else is feeling lonely, I invite you to my virtual corner!
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    I feel awful today. I'm both mentally and physically ill.
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