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    In 1989 someone called Tim Berners-Lee will invent a system for publishing and sharing information whilst working at CERN. It might be worthwhile using what will become known as "The Web" to talk about the lack of romantic attraction even though bringing this information to the world around a quarter of a century "early" may create a temporal paradox. Creating a world where touch, affection and sex is acceptable between friends as it within (romantic) couples is worth that risk. Of course it does depend exactly which younger self is involved. Utterly pointless telling my 13 year old self to "Look up 'aromantic' on The Web".
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    A few weeks ago, I was at the San Diego Pride Parade (which is huge) wearing an aro pride t-shirt. I actually got spotted by a grayromantic woman, who is now the first openly arospec person I've ever met face to face.
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    Unbiased is probably the only thing your advice has going for it. In my experience, aros view the world of relationships very differently to alloromantics and we're the last people who should be giving advice on romantic relationships. This isn't bad! It's just analogous to asking a blind man to describe an elephant. If it's also making you feel uncomfortable then I can only recommend trying to try to get them to stop as QuickyGeek also suggested. The only exception I'd make to this is that I think we seem to have a keener sense for detecting abusive relationships. The only thing I can say to this is: You are not broken. You are different. It can be hard to internalise this and truly believe it if other people are pressuring you to be a certain way though. My heart goes out to you and I hope you can believe in yourself at some point in the future. Relationships can be a lot of fun, but there's also few things worse than being in a relationship you don't want to be in. I'm also in the QPR camp. Being a bit older, I've been in multiple romantic relationships and I know that they just aren't for me. I don't care enough about the romantic side of it and just end up hurting my partners. But QPR's mean lots of different things to different people. There's lots of common themes, but I think everyone who wants one has their own unique view on what it is. Have fun with it! If you're not sure yet one way or the other then feel free to experiment! If you *are* sure that you don't want a relationship then you've really got three options. 1. Try to cope with inappropriate questions. (hard; perhaps ok for friends but I'd recommend against this for family unless you're not close) 2. Tell them to mind their own business (my approach for family, but not recommended for everyone) 3. Open up to them; try to explain your feelings. Will almost always involve coming out in one form or another if you haven't yet. Pets are great, I highly recommend them! I can't recommend a cat specifically if you want cuddle with them though. Most cats are very independent. Mine will very often sit next to me and sleep on the end of the bed, etc. She *hates* being picked up though and that's a common trait for cats. She likes spending time with me and pats and she's a great comfort to me but she won't abide cuddles for more than a second or two.
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    I don't understand the whole I hate you! I hate you too! Let's fight! Now let's suddenly start passionately kissing for a couple hours? Am I missing something?
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    YMBAI: you listen to the song It's Raining Men and just start pondering the logistics of building an umbrella that would withstand someone landing on it from a great height, and wondering what would happen to all the bodies after the 'shower' was over? How would these men even survive falling out of the sky? So many questions...
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    Yes! I don't want to derail this thread since it's not about this, but I'd be happy to discuss this with you in more detail. This is my greatest struggle in sexual relationships, that it is a very emotional and intimate experience for me, but it is not romantic for me. Everyone I meet seems to want both emotional intimacy and romance, or neither. And that's why I haven't had a sexual relationship in years.
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    I don't understand how on earth it is possible for one to feel a connection to someone they've just met or whom they don't know well and I don't understand why there have to be expectations right from the start. Aaaarrrrghhhh x_x.
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    ^ This. So much. (teens desperately clinging to ANYTHING that might be romantic feeling as never have understood it)
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    Ooh how about when friends tease you about liking someone, and you get flustered and irritated trying to explain that you don't like said person whatsoever. Of course, they take it as you being defensive and therefore you are suddenly ~soooo~ in love with this person. I just don't get how people jump to these conclusions
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    I always kinda felt like Aven was (by majority, not 100%) a whole lot of young-ish people who aren't sexually inclined but want somewhere to obsess over relationships/love/general-teen-angst in a non-sexual setting. Which is fine of course, but not really what I'm looking for in a social forum. All the romo crap bores the hell out of me Also+ I like how synical Arocalypse is
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    You might be aromantic if you try and 'date' someone, but treat them just like you would a friend. Then, you get confused and break up with them, happy that you're friends again. -.-
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    I recently did an upgrade of the forum software and it seems to have made a lot of the themes look crummy. I've done some work to fix a lot of the problems, but I probably missed some things for certain themes. If you think something looks a bit off in some places, please let me know here and I will start fixing them. Thanks!
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    Sex for me has always been an emotionally intense experience. I almost envy people who can have sex more casually, because it sounds like a lot of fun. An allo friend recently described to me the desire for sex as "an itch that needs to be scratched" and I don't think I've ever experienced it like that. If I'm with a partner for a long time, I can get more comfortable with them and sex can be less emotionally charged for me and can become playful and fun, but there's always that foundation of trust and emotional intimacy. I can only speculate about why sex is like this for me, but I think it's because empathy is the main tool I use to build intimate relationships. Emotional connection is what I want most out of friendships and intimate relationships. This is probably why I've been able to have the occasional functional romantic relationship, because my desire for deep emotional connection is sometimes compatible with some alloromantic people's desire for a committed partner. What I want out of sex most of the time is more empathy, deep and intense empathy. I also experience lust and sexual attraction, but those aren't the prime drivers for me, they're more like extra spice added to the meal of empathy. I'm a very touch-oriented person, so I like to use touch as a kind of emotional expression. I'm also a communication nerd, and some people are very expressive in unique ways during sex, so it's very satisfying for me to participate in that, especially when combined with all the other ways that sex is enjoyable. So, the best sex I've experienced is like a combination of really tender cuddling, a very stimulating conversation, an immediate experience of feeling loved and appreciated, the satisfaction of desire, and tactile pleasure. Since my experience of being on the aromantic spectrum manifests partly as a lack of differentiation between the love for close friends and the love for intimate partners, then the kinds of trust and emotional intimacy I build in those relationships are effectively the same for me. I end up feeling comfortable with close friends in nearly identical ways to how I end up feeling comfortable with intimate partners, and so I feel like the same boundaries would work for me, as well as the same expressions of affection. But they don't work for most alloromantics, which is something I have to remind myself of frequently. I usually navigate this problem by relying on explicit and clear verbal consent. As for what can improve the experience of sex, I think that's a highly individual thing. One of my partners and I liked to talk a lot during sex, and we found that affirmations really enhanced the experience. Like, we'd be doing something sexual and simultaneously just saying things we liked about each other. Sometimes they were related to the sexual experience and sometimes they weren't. That had a noticeable change in sex for me as an experience of mutual appreciation and shared empathy. Finding things like that can take time and exploration.
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    For what it's worth, as a sex neutral ace I can only have sex with someone I'm already intimate in other ways with. But for me the act itself is very much a physical transaction and barely that, almost a physical gift from me to my partner. Interestingly, I really always viewed it close to this way even before I identified as ace. I recognise now though that I'm the one in the minority now that I know about aces.
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    This, although it depends on the topic. Like, if you want advice on how to get someone to like you, I'm the last person you should ask. But spotting toxic signs in a relationship? Bring it on.
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    I have facilitated a polyamory discussion group for over three years, and not being able to relate to half the things people say there about relationships and attraction is what made me realize that I'm aromantic. #aromanticirony
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    yeees, this so much. i tend to have many guy friends and i think one of the reasons is that i'm scared they'll like me romantically and things will get awkward. at least with girls the chances are smaller. i would also hate telling them that i don't like them that way, cause that always sucks.
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    I relate to this so hard. Seriously, I have tried to enjoy sex, even finding a partner whom I know to be very experienced/skilled, still nothing. It's kind of like romance for me, when it's described in literature/movies/whatever it seems like such a nice thing (and such an instinctual thing) but no matter how much I want to feel it, it's like my body just says 'fuck no' and I'm left dissatisfied. It's more annoying with sex than romance too, as at least sex has obvious merits (sensory pleasure, etc) whereas romance seems way more trouble than it's worth, and I don't even want to know what heartbreak must be like.
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    It's especially odd when you consider that "asking out" and marriage proposals tend to be expected of men rather than women.
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    I don't understand why romance is considered "girly", e.g. romantic books and movies are marketed pretty much exclusively at women.
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    YMBAI you always ended up making jokes about being "wife/husband" with your closest friends and you were always so close that you always ended up questioning if that it was 'something else' because society says if it is that close, it MUST BE 'stepping into romance zone' but anytime you try it, it just gets really awkward and off so you revert back to BFF status. EDIT: Oh gosh this so much. I had a friend I really respected and liked and would just love to hug her brain because she was WONDERFUL, but??? Since I obsessed so much over her, I tried to date with her but it then all felt weird. I just ended up 'treating her as a friend' as you say. We kinda never exactly break up verbally but it was obvious that we didn't work out that way and there were other reasons we don't talk much now but I would LOVE to brainstorm with her again. 10/10 would love to be BFFs and/or sibling-ish friends with her again.
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    Not giving up awesome opportunities like an exchange year because "can't leave bae"
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    Well, I don't want to become more brave. If you aren't in public (and even this often doesn't help) it can easily escalate to a fight and that's really something I want to avoid. I got in a “street fight” once: It was with a drunk at night and I couldn't run away without leaving my very expensive bike behind, which he obviously tried to steal. After a heavy blow on the side of my head I was extremely scared and so hammered back with maximal force. He got knocked out, falling from the sidewalk onto the street. While he slowly regained consciousness I jumped on my bike and drove away. But if there had been a lot of traffic on the street so that the passing car couldn't have stopped in time this could've ended badly for him. So even if you “prevail” that's also something to “consider”... Probably if one is a skilled martial artist one can quickly neutralize the danger without anyone getting seriously harmed. But I'm not and it's probably too late to start. PS: I'm sorry that I can't write anything more of substance. You seem like such a nice person to me, I really don't understand why anyone wants to hurt you.
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    I can relate to this a lot. I think running away is actually the safest option - so that's not a bad response in most cases, especially if there's actual potential danger involved. I would have felt creeped out too if some random jerk was taking photos of me. That is genuinely creepy, and a valid cause for concern, I think. But as for standing up for yourself... "how to get braver"... is complicated. I would say my martial arts training helped me a HUGE amount. I got lucky to have a really awesome teacher and a nice group of people... results may vary elsewhere. I think in general it's a slow process that involves pushing yourself to do things that are a bit scary, but that you know you can still manage... there was a lot of that involved in training. I used to get that a lot too when I felt really overwhelmed. These days I can stay calmer, but I still sometimes stutter and have trouble finding words if I'm really upset. It could be that. School and the bullies there basically destroyed my self-confidence. It's been slowly regenerating since I've been out. Bullies are awful, especially when nobody stands up to them, and people act like bullying is just OK and the victim is somehow at fault. It's not your fault for having these problems.
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    Sounds pretty grey-romo to me, or even 'fray-romantic' meaning that you experience romantic attraction but it decreases over time/when the feelings are reciprocated. It's hard to get around though, I know what you mean. I'm aro but want a life-partner in a platonic way. Hard to find fo' sho' :')
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    TLDR Version: Even though societal change would be ideal, we'll need to become more visible to more undiscovered arospec people before we can accomplish anything tangible. Let's get an army together; then we'll talk. Longer version: I figure changing society is important, but it isn't the first step. It's the end goal. My first order of business is to let everyone know that aromanticism is a thing. The aros of the world need a chance to discover themselves. If they do, they'll likely fight for their own right to exist and relate. The people who are unknowingly aromantic (or asexual, but this is just an example) will be the easiest for us to reach because they have a personal stake and will likely already be questioning the allo mindset. If we're talking about such lofty goals as changing a society, I think we should first maximize our visibility to the people who most desperately need that change. Only with a unified force of many such people do we stand a chance against such a deeply-ingrained societal tradition as "The One." I didn't mean to reference The Matrix, but now that I have I'm leaving it in there.
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    lol, yeah. I always thought that was a really weird song... why were they so happy about people literally falling from the sky? Sounds like some kind of natural disaster, and a good reason to stay indoors (preferably underground).
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    You should see what mutually attracted humans do to each other at heavy metal shows.
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    If I could pack supplies for the trip and read some (disappointingly modern) survival guides, I'd totally go back in time. The Cretaceous era already has fruiting and flowering plants, so I'm sure something edible would turn up. Especially if I could plan my my time travel to take me to a rocky shoreline with tidepools. I at least know what can be eaten there. I'd totally write scientific observations and do experiments on organisms I find. I'd carve them on a stone tablet, which I'd then bury in ocean mud in hopes that paleontologists find it later. If I don't have time to prepare for such a trip, it's a death sentence. In that case, I guess I'll have to perform the smexuals for a female seahorse. I guess that's alright? Incidentally, sea horses form mated pairs each breeding season which follow each other around and link their tails together. They also do *shudder* courtship dances. I doubt carrying eggs will ever suck as much as that. Almost makes me want to take the death sentence trip to the Cretaceous anyway. Is it just me, or does @SamwiseLovesLife ask a lot of questions that involve having sex with sea animals? When you die, WYR be washed out to sea (be slowly decomposed by the hagfish, bacteria, and polychaete worms that live waaaay down on the seafloor), or have a Buddhist sky burial in Nepal (a butcher cuts up your corpse on a hill away from the village and feeds the pieces to griffon vultures).
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    I'm fairly allosexual so I don't know if my experience is applicable, but I find that being with someone I trust and care for deeply makes me a whole lot more comfortable in a sexual situation. Sometimes I'm even able to experience things I can't when that trust and care isn't present. Sex is also a very emotional exchange for me, and I know for a lot of people it isn't, so that might also have something to do with it.
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    I was with a bunch of aces at pride and me and some other aros among us were wearing aro flags and we were approached by surprisingly many people who told us they recognized the ace flag, but had no idea what "the green one" stands for. So we got to educate lots and lots of people who have never heard of aromanticism or romantic orientations. And everyone who asked was really nice and interested and glad to learn things. So that's what I/we did at pride to spread awareness. And I can recommend to just be present with a flag or a t-shirt or a sign that spreads awareness. People will see you and people will ask about it which gives you the perfect opportunity to educate What it consists of here is basically a week full of events. I for example to a few talks about queer topics and also something similar to a drag show (but I'm pretty sure there's a difference). Then there are lots of stands from different LGBTQ+ organizations etc. and probably food (I haven't really been there, all we did there was squish ourselves through the crowd while trying to not lose anyone which we didn't succeed at) And of course a pride parade I did encounter people wo laughed at my orientation while I was standing right in front of them, but most people were really genuinely nice and I'm planning to go to another pride later this month with some of the same ace group ALSO WHY DOES YOUR PRIDE COST MONEY??? It's free here unless you want to actually have your own group in the parade or something.
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    You will be alright. Things may seem and feel like a mess right now, but you will make it through and things do get better. It is hard for you to just relax and not overthink things, but also give yourself some breathing room: You are only human like everyone else and you aren't being fair to yourself even if you are trying to be understanding and fair towards others all the time. Give some of that compassion to yourself, you deserve it. Also, people start to make more sense as you get older- not in "they act more logical/sensible" way but more in "people never were designed to be constantly sensible/logical beings and we work with hormones so it is only logical that we are not always logical, we are just organic beings under countless influences including whimsical nature of energy/matter to start with" way. Also, maybe you should give a bit thought to if what you really want is a lover, because you don't even value actual romantic part of the relationship but only want some mindmate to yourself who you can relax and feel secure with. You will meet some amazing people and sometimes you will seperate your ways, you will have things you will feel guilty for but also things you will be proud of. So, relax. You will be fine. You are only human, I am repeating this because you never hold yourself to same expectations compared to what you expect from other people. You still will be a lil dweeb interested in characters, stories, personality theories though. You will also regain your childish&lively spirit you lost for a while.
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    Got asked when I was going to get married for the first time in several years today. So liberating to say probably never. And to think "just watch me" when person who asked screwed her face up and shook her head at me.
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    As well as also assuming that we're incapable of feeling loss or grief when "just a friendship" ends. Even if that's the kind of "platonic friendship" allos typically do understand. Never mind if it's any other kind of friendship...
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    Same That's very true! I sometimes get everything about being aroace, being single and not wanting kids (for example) mixed up in my head.
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    For those who want to pursue a QPR many of these points actually still apply, especially if you want a live-in QPP. Personally I'd love to have a relationship. I feel like the important bit here is having kids/starting a family. Kids are a big commitment, for both parents. Part of me wonders what the family dynamics would be like if two aros in a QPR had a child (either because they were allosexual or adoption). I don't personally want kids, and my QPP is sex adverse. But I wonder, in all the wonderful variety of life out there if there's a pair of aros out there who do and how that worked out for them. Me, I want to travel and take my partner with me to see the world together and she agrees. A relationship is definitely not the end of interesting things to do!
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    Nope! Some cats will sit on your lap, many won't. Hilda won't. She's long haired and I think the extra body heat just doesn't do well with her. She also doesn't like being confined at all. She's a rescue cat so I don't know much about her history. But she's super affectionate and loves being around you and being with you. She just doesn't like being held at all. She bunts me ("headbutts") all the time. It's super cute. They do show their appreciate and affection differently, they are a different species as you point out, but once you teach yourself a bit about how they show affection, the signs are everywhere.
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    this is a really good way to put it, i can totally relate!
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    Mine will sit and watch tv with me quite often. But again, if you're expecting snuggles you're probably going to be disappointed. Hilda just curls up on the couch beside me and I'll stroke her while I watch. Or if I'm laying down on the couch, she'll lay along the couch beside me. In that situation she'll often press up against me because there's not a lot of room but again, stroking only, if I try to cuddle her she'll bolt. A poor substitute, yes, but an easy one. Cocooning in blankets can (almost) simulate cuddles too. But nothing will replace an actual person.
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    I'll try to answer your questions the best I can! Well, you don't have to date if you don't want to. Don't feel pressured to date if you don't want to do that. Some people are insecure about certain things, like I'm insecure about sex. I don't however feel like I need to address my insecurity. Hmmm... I don't have any good advice for this one. I can see how that would be annoying. If it really bothers you, you could politely tell your friends when they come for advice that you don't really want to give advice, don't feel the need to, don't like talking about it, or whatever the reason may be. Hopefully, by doing this, it will stop. It's not cool to pressure you or anyone into marriage. I'm sorry that your mom has started doing this. Does she know you're not interested? If she already knows, then you'll have to try to ignore the pressure. Also, you should never feel guilty for being aro or ace. I understand that when there's pressure, you often feel guilty, but if you can, try to avoid feeling negative about it. I also understand that this is not always possible, and sometimes we just have to live with it. Well, I'm not sure if I experience romantic attraction or not, but I do often feel like I'm going to end up being lonely. I try to think about a future where I have a partner of some sort though, whether that be a cuddle buddy, a qpp, or a romantic partner, but I know that isn't the case for a lot of aros. Also, since I'm a rather cuddly person, but don't really cuddle people, I'm considering getting a body pillow to cuddle with. It would be like a giant stuffed animal for me, so I think it would be great. Another thing is I would like to get a cat. A pet can help someone feel a little less lonely, and I think it works for a lot of people. There's no guarantee that any of these ideas will work for you, but this is just what I do. Also, spending time with friends helps a lot I find. Then again, it might be uncomfortable for friends who show PDA. I hope I've helped at least a little.
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    For the same reason that stereotypes are so prolific - eight times out of ten they're right. I just hate how insistent many people are about this stuff in particular.
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    Lots of advice about physical self defense here. I can't add anything to that, I've fought like once in my life and neither of us was in any danger. A lot of conflict can be non-physical though. Sometimes there isn't even a clear conflict, just something that might make one feel insecure or small. A way I've dealt with insecurity over the years is to try to imagine a confident person and then act like how they would act. If I were ever in a situation when I felt insecure or uncomfortable I'd ask myself "if I were a confident person what would I do". Usually it just resulted in a small change to my posture or something like that but it also helped get me in a mindset of being confident. Another thing that has helped me is to try to focus my feelings on the things I can control. For example if someone acts rude or creepy that's their action. I can confront them or I can not. But either way I try not to dwell on it but to move my thoughts on to something else.
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    YMBAI you never understood why everyone in school was always dating someone and didn't care to keep track of which of your friends were dating who.
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    Many roses are not red. Violets come in purple too. If you say I "need someone," I will lose respect for you. Roses can be vicious, awful weeds. In my home town they grow like so much grass. If you fall down in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, The wild roses stab you in the ass. Oxygen-rich blood appears bright red CO2-rich blood appears dark blue. You'll find a lot of both inside of me, But you won't find a heart that beats for you. I am aware that those colors are only true when viewed from outside the body, as CO2-rich blood simply appears a darker shade of red if actually removed from a vein. If you ever get blood drawn, it's probably that deoxygenated venous blood on its way back to your heart.
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    Sorry you had to go through this High School can be pretty terrible. I think that high schools can be a bit like prisons in a lot of ways. If you're not part of any of the existing cliques, and try to go it alone instead, well, that can be dangerous for you... Often the kids largely run the school, especially outside of lessons, and the "prison guards" (a.k.a. teachers) have limited control over what goes down. William Golding was a schoolteacher - something to bear in mind! I don't think "ignore the bullies" is very good advice. (I'd go further than that: it's shit advice ) I'm not sure exactly what good advice looks like, but probably the school should have played a more active role in your case. Maybe some older kids could have mentored kids that were getting bullied so that they weren't left to fend for themselves over lunch breaks, for example? Maybe some older kids that had been bullied themselves but been able to find solutions? Solidarity! I can tell you what worked for me (although I wouldn't necessarily advocate it as a good solution!) So, I was a weird loner kid and early on in high school a few people tried to bully me. My solution was to start fights with them! Before things got out of hand. Nip the thing in the bud. (I empathized a lot with Will from The Subtle Knife and Ender from Ender's Game- both loners who (reluctantly) felt like they needed to start fights to make people leave them alone) This was actually highly effective for me. I even found out (years later) from some other kids in the school that I had a bit of a 'reputation ' off the back of that . This 'solution' doesn't translate well into adulthood - don't do this! (you also need to be 'wired' a certain way - have a 'fuck you' button - not everyone has one...) But it did leave me without any lasting trauma, I reckon. I had a problem and I fixed it, all by myself. Unlike @DeltaV I have been fortunate enough not to have encountered any physical threat during adulthood. Who knows if I would be able to handle myself in an actual adult confrontation (kids, in my experience, are reluctant to actually really try and inflict physical damage - most high school 'fights' are just (bad) wrestling - no strikes involved, as nobody has the training or motivation to do them effectively - perhaps I was just fortunate though) I think @SoulWolf's suggestion of martial arts is a good one. Particularly since you wrote this: Martial arts classes are something I've found helpful in all sorts of ways (ways that are difficult to concisely summarise in a forum post). In your case, they might give you a way to work through and 'own' those past negative physical experiences in a controlled and supportive environment (best case scenario). If I knew you IRL I would totally go along to some classes with you at different places, to find somewhere you liked (most clubs will let you try your first class for free) Do you have any IRL friends you could do this with? (maybe some friends who have done a martial art before, to get their opinions on the class too - although remember that it's your opinion that matters most!). That might make it a bit less scary first time. If you don't feel up to this or want to try it out, then that's cool too. Don't feel bad about that, it's a big step to take, especially on your own. Also, if you try out a few classes but find they are making you feel worse, not better, about these things, then, pro tip, they probably aren't a very good club! So leave and try another one! In a good club, it won't matter how good and/or confident you are to start with; you'll get supported to get better. I was so awkward and uncoordinated when I started martial arts, but it's helped me out a lot in that regard (and others). Awkward and uncoordinated beginning martial arts students are actually the most fortunate students of all: they have the most to gain from the training! For this: maybe give meditation a go? It helps me. One thing you're doing is training your brain to continuously decide what it wants to focus on / stay with and what it wants to drop. That gives you the choice to "drop" those "minor things" much more easily whenever you notice that you're obsessing over them in a way that isn't helping your happiness (meditation also makes it easier to: 1) notice that you're doing this 2) catch it much earlier, and 3) stop doing it before it has got a proper hold on you)
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    I first wondered about what was wrong with me around age 14. I could never name a crush when my friends asked about it, and no one believed me. But I was always sure that it would change and all the boys in my class were just gross. I'm 19 now and pretty sure I'm aro/ace but always open to things changing... So in a way I feel like you can know at a very young age and also that you can never truly KNOW. Although sexuality can change so that's that. I'm rambling a bit but I guess you can identify as aro whenever you start feeling like you differ from your peers when it comes to crushes and romance etc. And if one day you realise you're something else, then just go with it, labels aren't everything .
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    Roses are red Violets are blue Stop making this weird I'm just friends with you
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    @Blackscarlet666 is not obsessed with the new Pokemon Luneveon, they do not have a shrine to it nor do they worship it at all.
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    More possible words - Lithromantic: somebody who is lithromantic can feel romantic attraction towards others and also enjoy being in romantic relationships but only in theory. Oh yes. But at least I am 'just' confused by romance. My heart goes out to Lithros who kind of want the thing but then don't want the thing when they try.
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