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  2. Aromantic Character Headcanons

    @hodges2 one of my friends loves that anime but I haven't watched it yet. Glad there is some characters that don't present as straight romos!
  3. Blatant Lie About the Person Above You

    that was below the belt! if you are going to be like that...... @James totally has enough posts right now to be an Advanced Member and get a custom title!
  4. Blatant Lie About the Person Above You

    @Apathetic Echidna is from New Zealand.
  5. Blatant Lie About the Person Above You

    @James is the monotreme
  6. Aromantic Character Headcanons

    Not sure if anyone knows this one but I headcannon Train Heartnet from the anime Black cat as aro/ace
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  8. I feel lonely

    That's good to hear.
  9. Blatant Lie About the Person Above You

    @Apathetic Echidna is actually a marsupial. Not a monotreme.
  10. Identity Symbols

    What's a white ring for?
  11. Post a GIF that reflects your mood

    Definitely the second horse
  12. Change one word!

    Playing dead
  13. Blatant Lie About the Person Above You

    @James is actually living in mid-1800s Ireland and is one of the Irish affected by the lack of potatoes, hence the fantasies about potatoes, and is communicating via a time travelling laptop with an eternity battery.
  14. Why does the above post offend you?

    I'm offended you find a food receptacle gross.
  15. Yum or Ewww!

    I have only had durian as an icecream flavour (it did have chunks of the fruit in it too) and that was nice, but it smelt of socks. Never had the fresh stuff BUT assuming it is the same, yum? Pandan steamed cake!
  16. Is there a name for Queer platonic attraction/desire? Is it just called alterous attraction or is that something different?
  17. Be the newest comment

  18. Be the newest comment

    I may not be alive but if your eyes twist like that I'm pretty sure you need help
  19. Flirting as an aromantic

    I shall tell you what I think then! When shaking someone's hand at a first meeting, especially if it is for work/family/social climbing~ , When exchanging names for the first time with someone (also to check if they have ZombieHungryHuskyKillYou eyes), When someone gets your order wrong (the eye contact then conveys even more annoyance), there are probably others but I can't think of them now. With friends it is a bit different, I give them more eye contact more often. I guess when I am play flirting with my friends I give fleeting eye contact repeatedly, which would be more than normal. but yeah, getting unblinking stares from close up is only unsettling but I have seen that as an example of flirting in media - but then most media is lies.....
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  21. I can't fit in anywhere? Depressed.

    Thank you
  22. Flirting as an aromantic

    There are times when you HAVE to? I was not told this! I find it impossible to take in any information if I attempt eye contact. It's just too distracting and I completely lose track of what the person is saying. It's like my full mental bandwitdth gets eaten up by this attempt at eye contact and there is then no computing power left over for conversation parsing . In order to concentrate on what they are saying, I better stare at the floor or something . But then some people seem to take this to mean that I'm not concentrating on what they are saying? I dunno, humans are hard work sometimes! They seem to make a lot of flawed assumptions based on overgeneralising their own interaction style (i.e. assuming that it also applies to others). But I guess if you're more neuerotypical then that's more often right than wrong? Whereas a less neurotypical person doesn't have the same luxury? (I'm not saying I'm "properly" neurodivergent/aspie - I don't think I am - but I think I've got some of the traits, albeit in a fairly mild form, which can make things like flirting even more of a challenge than just the aromanticism by itself does!) The eyes of the undead! Lol
  23. Hi, I'm so confused lol

    Sounds good to me! I hope you don't mind me asking some personal questions, but how did you manage to find this type of relationship in the first place and how long has it been going on for? Did you start out as friends then become sexual partners, or vice-versa? Sorry for my nosiness (and please don't feel obliged to answer anything personal unless you want to) It just sounds nice and I think I'd like to find something similar. But I'm not really sure how...
  24. I feel lonely

    Thanks. This actually REAAAAALLY helped me today.
  25. I can't fit in anywhere? Depressed.

    I found the link I was thinking of: https://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2010/04/leadership/ It's written from his personal perspective of 'growing out of' your social circle, but the general gist of it could also apply for just never fitting in in the first place too. Snippet:
  26. I can't fit in anywhere? Depressed.

    I have never thought of it that way before...Leaders? Probably. I will try my best to find good people to befriend. I am glad you're doing better now. Yes I will look for opportunities to make friends. I'm not giving up!
  27. I can't fit in anywhere? Depressed.

    Feeling alone and depressed is really horrible... I've been there, too. I spent three years of high school feeling like I was invisible to the rest of my class. It was one of the reasons I became very depressed, and I still am. I still have trouble believing that people who are spending time with me are doing so because they actually want to spend time with me and not because I am the only person available at the moment. But I have been able to move on and get to meet a lot of new people in my college, so it is getting better and I now have a few close friends who I trust want to spend time with me. Always look for new opportunities to meet people and people who are new. Those who do not have any friends yet are the ones most likely to be open to having new friends.
  28. Romantic Horror Stories

    I was overseas visiting friends, and while alone on a train the one day, there was this guy sitting nearby. He started out by saying I look familiar, like he thinks we've met before. Then started saying how beautiful I am, and some other weird complimentary stuff. I told him I live with 2 friends, and they're both male, thinking that might discourage him, but no... I got off the train a stop earlier than I would have, hoping to be rid of him, but he got off at the same station, even though he had mentioned earlier he was going to get off at a different one. There were some people standing around not too far away, so I figured it was reasonably safe. He basically begged me for my phone number... so I gave him the one of my other phone that I don't actually use as a main phone, and that I was planning on changing soon anyway. I finally got rid of him that way... he hugged me and left. I thoroughly checked my pockets to make sure he didn't pickpocket anything... he didn't. I still have no idea what his goal was. He sent me a few text messages and tried to phone a few times... but I completely ignored those. That was creepy as hell.
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