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  2. According to the coiner, Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, the "amorous" part was intended to mean "sexual". Thought the FAQ uses the rather convoluted Which is very much an umbrella term.
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  4. I say I don't have squishes because I think I had only one in my entire life, or something strange that may qualifies me as a greyplatonic person but doesn't fit the definition you have here (in fact I am now questioning if I am a greyro aplatonic or an aro greyplatonic... my, identity is so complicated). Anyway thanks for this, I think we need it.
  5.  huh? Nonamory was suggested by anagnori, who is aromantic. I think mark meant concepts "relationship escalator" and "nesting behaviours"
  6. haha yeah. i'd never considered that i might be anything other than straight because i thought it was synonymous with heterosexual, nothing else to it. one day i just stumbled upon explanations of aromanticism and split attraction and thought "hmm. interesting." and so it began.
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  8. (Not sure if a topic like this already exists (this forum is huuuge), so I'm sorry if that's the case, you can erase it!) The title already says it: when you tell people you're aromantic, usually what comments do you get in response? I didn't tell it to lots of people, but as for now, the majority lacks of interest. Is more like they don't trust me, or believe is a sort of trend or something, not an actual way of being and they tend to pass over the topic. I'm super frustrated by these people. On the other hand, few instead asked me questions about it, 'cause they didn't know aromantic is a thing that exists, but they're interested in knowing more "if it's not a too personal question!" and bless them! One even asked me what do I think during my days if not about romantic stuff like he does and thinks everybody does, LOL!
  9. I blame the lack of public knowledge of the existance of aromantic as a concept, for my late discovery!! Nobody told me about its existence!
  10. Right, not trying to rush you. Just thought I'd ask where to set my expectations.
  11. OHMY, I read the book years ago when everybody was reading it and I literally throwed it away when she was desparing for months 'cause her boyfriend left her and she even tried to kill herself and COME ON--- is this how people feel love??? And all the girls were delighted by this stuff! I don't think it's a good example for teenagers. Btw, I vote for Moulin Rouge. All that drama-- all that songs-- ew. ((Actually i don't watch many romance movies, usually if someone put one on I run away))
  12. Depending on how familiar they are with the term polyamorous, I would think. The term was derived as a spinoff of that one. huh? Nonamory was suggested by anagnori, who is aromantic.
  13. Hi! I wandered on this forum for months and finally I decided to subscribe, 'cause I've been to the Gay Pride in my city and there wasn't any aromantic stuff and I dunno any aromantic people, so here I am, ready to share some aromantic thoughts with this lovely community! (or at least try, I'm like super shy, gh--) I discovered aromantic is a thing just this year, like few months ago, thanks to some comments under the song "Love love love" on youtube by a bunch of people talking about how the song is "for aromantics" and I was triggered, so I asked google and UOH, a new world disclosed in front of me!! (I'm guessing sort of everybody had a mindblowing moment like mine, lol) SO, hi, I'm an aromantic-maybe-asexual-or-at-least-greysexual giraffes lover, I'm from Italy (so I beg your pardon for my english), I'm a free-lance artist and comic artist wannabe, I hate when people put love before friendship, I like to ship fictional characters but lack of interest as long as they get togheter, aaand... uhm what else... I love you all in the community (not romantically, ehe) 'cause I read lots of your stuff here and I already feel at home!! ❤️
  14. Ok, this is all in the title, but there's this girl I know who is really nice and in two of my classes. I think I have a squish on her, I always look forward to meeting her in her classes and being with her makes me happy. She has openly come out as bisexual and I don't know if she likes me back, but I do think she likes me as a friend. Next year, I don't have her in any of my classes or sports/clubs, but I also don't want to be a super clingy friend and text her 24/7 (I don't want to be annoying). What is some advice for staying in contact?
  15. I... I am aro-allo, and I literally invented voidpunk. Voidpunk is not just for aroaces, nor just for aros in general. Please don't perpetuate the problem of crediting all of aro culture to aroaces.
  16. Apart from romantic love as this is granted on this board. My list includes: -selfishness -hipster culture -gay pride culture -all MySpace clones (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) -beer
  17. If aro-aces have voidpunk, maybe aro-allos should have bonobo punk?
  18. That's totally fair, but the way you phrased it made it sound like you were defining what voidpunk, as a whole, is, which would be incorrect and could give the wrong impression to people who have never heard of voidpunk before. As I said, if these things are part of your voidpunk experience, great! But they're not universal, so I just prefer that they not be presented as such.
  19. Oh that one… The Martian was one of the few successful movies about Mars, and probably the only one I liked so far. I never watched John Carter, but I’ll give it a chance.
  20. Thanks so much for your post. I would like to think that I can respectfully add to the identity without you know misinterpreting...I'm still new here so you know um...trying to find my crowd -- ✌️
  21. @Coyote Thanks for taking the time to respond to my enquiry. I'm still pretty new here and am not sure what to do o_0 but I posted because the words VoidPunk really appeal to me. I haven't been out all that long and I'm trying to find others like me...I posted this out of respect for the community that made the term so I could connect and find out more. That's really about my intention rn and not much else.
  22. Just popping in to say that "attraction" in general is useful for me; the term platonic attraction isn't sth I apply to my experience, but I use the word "admiration" to describe similar things sometimes; feeling is a much much more broad category than attraction and one where attraction fits too
  23. Honestly I haven't seen anyone be confused about this. in my experience people get confused, but mostly about how it relates to polyamory. i dont think nonamory was supoosed to be about any attraction. anyway, this is not a terminology discussion, or is it..?? And I'm not surprised in the least, since so much of it is romo coded and what is romo and what isn't to an individual person is highly subjective
  24. With "nonamorous" being a term which is likely to confuse people. Since it's a synonym, in Latin, for "asexual". Whilst meaning something entirely different. With the definition "Describes a person who does not wish to form a significant partnership with others." not excluding all sorts of attraction (even romantic). It seems to be about not following the relationship escalator and avoiding "nesting behaviour". With these being concepts which came from outside of the aro (or aroace) community... With the additional complication that terms like "platonic" can be used to mean different things from colloquial meaning. Not always in consistent ways within aro dialogue either. There's also the likes of this which uses the semi-major axis of the Galilean moons as a metaphor for "closeness". (Whilst ignoring both the properties of the moons or the origin of their names.) In the aro community physical affection appears to be a similarly divisive issue. Possibly also dating and other romantic coded activities.
  25. (I actually didn't see the reaction until now), I know dw
  26. Unfortunately any mainstream movie can come with romantic sub plot(s). Even where this makes literally no sense at all.
  27. Yet, curiously, the term "just a phase" rarely gets applied to alloromantics. They might just get bored with it or realise that they were only into it because it's expected in an amantonormative society.
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