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  2. I like Paracelsus because he was an early supporter (in European history, anyway) of things such as "Lectures should be done in the language of the common people, not Latin, to make them accessible to the public," "You should learn via practical lessons and test things for yourself too, instead of just unquestioningly following books written hundreds of years ago and taking them as 100% true and letting that be your entire medical education," and "You should wash your hands and keep wounds clean and protected instead of literally rubbing cow shit in open wounds." (No, seriously, that last part is true. Horrifying, but that was genuinely a thing that was done at the time.) He was also a hell of a sarcasm master, and didn't stop fighting against bad practices in medicine and academia even when everyone else told him to shut up, which as a punk myself I find admirable tbh. I'm not saying he was a perfect guy ofc, but there are definitely things about him I think are at the very least pretty interesting.
  3. I'd prefer to be in the cool temp category. 59 degrees F isn't that cold. As long as I have the right attire, I'm ok within the 35F to 80F range. It's too much for me otherwise. Sadly, our winters and summers are getting more extreme here. Last summer, it hovered in the mid-90's and occasionally broke into the low 100's. Add smog to that and it's oppressive. It's gone down into the teens for winter. These are definitely not our 'norms'. It's unbearable for me.
  4. Red, black, and color from the survey. Specifically, I love blood red, black, and white.
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  6. Machiavelli. Don't get me started on misrepresentation of The Prince as being a moral, rather than a practical guide. Read his Discourses on Livy, then talk to me.
  7. I'd say that what people call "romantic attraction" is part physiological phenomena, part subjective conscious experience of physiology, and part social framing of subjective conscious experience. There are hormonal changes that are correlated with "romantic attraction" - these have been studied and observed. They fundamentally mimic obsession/addiction states: Low serotonin, high dopamine, oxytocin as well. These are physiological changes that can be triggered or influenced by a variety of stimuli or circumstances. Then there's our subjective conscious experience of what our hormones are doing. It's been studied and observed that subjective experiences of similar physiological states vary from person to person: The same cocktail of hormones might result in significantly different feelings or experiences in different people. On top of all that is social context. We're all raised by societies that give us certain frameworks within which to understand and interpret our subjective experiences. Society, for example, may tell us that "love" is a thing that can be categorised into qualitatively different types, leading us to look for ways to categorise any love we feel according to society's framework. So in terms of whether "romantic attraction" has always been around, I'd say that the addiction-like rush of hormones almost certainly has. And that some people have probably always experienced that hormone cocktail as a deep, emotional desire to permanently bond with another person. Framing that desire as "romantic attraction" may be new, and whether or not society as a whole recognises and values emotional desire for a permanent bond varies. But it's highly unlikely that humans have changed so much in <200 generations that the ancient Egyptians never felt a deep emotional desire to pair-bond.
  8. London ace & aro walks! These happen once a month. Next one is Hampstead Heath on Saturday, May 11! Meet at 11 AM at Hampstead tube station. DETAILS: There is an outline of the walk here: https://www.innerlondonramblers.org.uk/ideasforwalks/self-guided-walks/15-hampsteadheath.html We'll do the long route and take in Highgate Cemetery. There is an entrance fee of £4 for the East Cemetery, which is self-guided, and £12 for the West Cemetery guided tour for those who want to do that. The West Cemetery is ONLY accessible via the guided tour because of safety reasons. Please make sure you have money on you when you come. See https://highgatecemetery.org/ for full information so you can decide which bit(s) of the cemetery you want to see. We'll get lunch in Highgate, but please bring snacks and water and remember to wear suitable clothing and footwear. More info and RSVP:
  9. We meet (almost) every Sunday from 11.30 onwards for brunch at Café Rouge, 2 St Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AP. We announce on our group on meetup.com but I'll try and update here as well! The next brunch is tomorrow, so likely short notice, but I'll post upcoming dates in this thread. More info on tomorrow's brunch:
  10. We (that's the London Asexual & Aromantic Spectrum Meetup Group) are starting a book club! If you are on GoodReads, you can join the virtual version of it here: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/932100-london-asexual-and-aromantic-spectrum-book-club The books selected are all listed in the Asexual & Aromantic Characters in Fiction Database as having on-page representation of aromantic-spectrum and/or asexual-spectrum main and/or lead characters. Meetups will all be at the Royal Festival Hall between 12.00 and 14.00 (that's noon to 2pm in old money). So far, planned meetings are: Saturday, April 27 - UNBURIED FABLES, ed. Creative Aces (anthology of fairytale retellings with representation across the spectrum of aromanticism and asexuality) Saturday, May 18 - LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE, Claire Kann Saturday, June 15 - FAR FROM HOME, Lorelie Brown Saturday, July 20 - HELLO WORLD, Tiffany Rose & Alexandra Tauber Saturday, August 17 - QUEERLY LOVING VOL. 1, eds G Benson & Astrid Ohletz (male grey-asexual aromantic lead, female demisexual aromantic side) Saturday, September 21 - EVERY HEART A DOORWAY, Seanan McGuire If you would like to come to any meets, please RSVP on the meetup group! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me via DM or in this thread.
  11. Everyone should be free to come out - or not - on their own terms, depending on whether they feel safe and comfortable in doing so. I don't think individuals should feel pressured to compromise their safety or comfort for broader community goals. I personally am totally comfortable telling people that romance is not for me. I travel quite a lot for business as well as pleasure, and at my age it's pretty common for people I meet to ask whether I have kids as small talk. I find most people are pretty accepting when I explain that, "I don't do relationships." And I absolutely believe that the more people realise that disinterest in romantic relationships is a legitimate life experience, the closer we can get to acceptance of that experience. (I don't tend to immediately use the label "aromantic" with strangers because I find that derails the conversation into semantics - and if I have to prioritise one or the other, I think it's more important that people understand the concept and experience of having no desire for romantic relationships, than that they know the label for it.)
  12. Yes, because he did also philosophy. Why is he your favorite philosopher? 🤔🙂 My favorite one is Descartes. I think his system is endlessly fascinating and a great pop culture inspiration, though I regard it as wrong. Still he's far more subtle than he’s usually given credit for. I learned that after reading Demons, Dreamers, and Madmen by Harry G. Frankfurt. I also like his writing style very much. After reading him it feels like having a conversation with a good friend. That's an interesting contrast to his eminence.
  13. I'm always open to more music that doesn't involve romance nor break ups. It would also be great to see movies, tv shows, games, and books that can remind me that romantic love is not all there is to life.
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  15. I'm the person primarily handling the funds at the moment, so if anyone has issues with the fund specifically, I can be contacted. We have a thread running about our organization name that explains the purpose and layout of the website as well:
  16. I headcanon Saiki Kusuo (from Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan/The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.) as aro and ace because he doesn't seem to have any strong opinions nor strong desire to have any sort of relationship with other characters despite helping them from time to time. He enjoys having his own space while eating sweets.
  17. Currently this basically an ost from Persona 5 since I was watching some Youtuber play this game.
  18. I have been identifying as an asexual for 6 months and my boyfriend of 8 months recently told me he feels like he's aromantic. It makes a lot of sense because he always seemed like he didn't feel that type of attraction, only sexual attraction and loving me as a friend. We do love each other, we just feared that our relationship would be too complicated because of his aromanticism and my asexuality, so we recently broke up, however we didn't want to give up our friendship so we are going to continue being friends. I am really regretting breaking up though, and wondering if we should give it another shot. What should I do? Should I talk to him and we can mutually decide if we want to give things another try? Or should we just get over it and stay as friends? Please help
  19. Also because they moved interstate, some people seriously thought my friend had been murdered/joined a cult or something else horrible like that, until of course some of us older friends managed to contact their parents (who had no idea they had dropped everyone). That is the worst! I knew people like that, they are so non-confrontational that they bottle stuff up and become some of the worst people to know. I've found it that those people are the ones who will talk about you behind your back, probably as a way of letting off steam...but that doesn't change anything about the situation so it is an irrelevantly bitchy thing to do to a friend (talking behind someone's back isn't always bad, especially when the power dynamic is unbalanced ~ so complaining about a boss can be a bonding experience)
  20. Tired That feeling you get when your eyes are open
  21. The aro website is happening! We'd be grateful for help with the costs for domain, hosting and e-mail, so if you can and want to support this project your money would be very much appreciated. You can chip in here: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8e0zrbpbIW The website is going to aim to be an official front for aromanticism, featuring faq, resources, e-mail contact for press/media, glossary and such. Currently the team is me, Magni @Magni, Neir @running.tally, HotRamen @HotRamen, and @bananaslug aka aroacepagans on tumblr. We'd be happy to answer questions should any arise too
  22. Whos your favorite pokeyman philosopher?
  23. Arostar

    Life is...

    Life is like waiting at the DMV thinking, "Should I stay or should I go?"
  24. Oh yes, the Symposium again, it's like mandatory reading for aros … too bad that Plato is so difficult. That four-legged humans story though wasn't a real myth, though, but is rather regarded as a satire of Greek creation myths.
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