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  2. What makes you feel romance repulsed?

    I second this, romance is weird. But funny to watch most of the time
  3. I Feel Like Meeting Someone New

    I take it back. We shall stride forth into the sun on our steeds of platonic love and hail in the day of harmonious non-romantic feeling
  4. Romantic Attraction

    @NullVector and @Mark this is turning out good. but maybe I am bias
  5. I Feel Like Meeting Someone New

    @SamwiseLovesLife cute bunny pic tipped the scales, but you are part of the Fellowship of Awesome Knowledge and Opinion on this site and I shall forever look up to you as if gazing on the grand and glorious white city of Minas Tirith
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  7. How to start a QPR

    Congratulations! Good luck to the both of you!
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  9. I am not trolling Arocalypse and reading fanfiction at work.. :D

    1. Momo


      Never trolling, not you.

  10. Awww, I have big enough arms and a big enough heart for everyone.
  11. I Feel Like Meeting Someone New

    RUDE. **sulking in the corner for mbeing second best to @Momo**
  12. I Feel Like Meeting Someone New

    @SamwiseLovesLife I just can't help myself. Talking in text form is fun. @Momo between this and your photo earlier, you are my favourite person right now
  13. Romantic Attraction

    IMHO the idea of merging is a distinctive sign of the romantic couple relationship and lifestyle. With "others" including corporate entities such as businesses and the state. Hence the co-option of marriage and its associated industries With the individuals involved typically not seeing this loss of other relationships as being a problem. Often showing enormous faith that a romantic relationship with someone they hardly know will be an effective replacement for friends (and family).
  14. #eagerechidna FTFY, alliteration always!
  15. I Feel Like Meeting Someone New

    I love how you have a brand new account and already 39 posts #eagerbeaver I lived to prance through this weird romo world another day, that's enough for me
  16. What makes you feel romance repulsed?

    I think I am fairly tolerant of most things, mostly I find romance boring or pointless or I am happy it makes someone I like happy (like if your friend's favourite animal is a blobfish, and they finally get one for their aquarium. Yay! I am happy that you are happy, but I don't really want to see it or be around you fawning over it). But I have limits. That thing when one of them does a high pitched bad grammar affectionate baby talk to the other one can make me physically ill. Also similar is when they mention anything like incest roleplay, like calling their SO Daddy or Mommy. Hells no. I'm leaving the vicinity. PDA is pretty bad but fairly easy to ignore, but if there is a couple feeding each other in public I will be put off my food as well as being hella creeped out. I can't even watch romantic feeding behaviour in movies/TV or read about it. Far too disturbing. Princess Mononoke is about the limit of feeding another person I can deal with before I get repulsed.
  17. What makes you feel romance repulsed?

    I am this oblivious too! Knowing how they feel makes me feel like ants are crawling under my skin when I am around them Surprise bad consent practices are the worst, especially if the romance quickly degrades into sex acts with no clear consents. At least if there is a warning that the story is noncon I can expect it and also have the knowledge that the author has the smarts to identify the thing that happens is not a good acceptable thing and should be warned against. So, I was raised to see most of this as acts of consideration. Holding and pushing in chairs is something that is done for all the older members of my family when we sit down to food and it can actually be handy when you are wearing stupidly large heels. I hold doorway doors for strangers and friends all the time, car doors I don't understand unless it is a chauffeur thing. But I guess specifically what you are talking about is when they rush or fight to be the one to do the thing and become all annoyed if you dare to do it to them as it undermines their perceived image of themselves as a provider/protector or some bull.
  18. Aro-ace safe musicals?

    slightly disheartening there are no comments......but I can't think of one. I love musicals because the songs make the romance scenes more tolerable....but maybe that is just what I watch... Some Musicals with minor romance in them: Matilda (barely any between her parents) Sweeney Todd Lion King the Musical The Little Shop of Horrors the opera Akhnaten is fairly ambiguous about romance even though he has 2 wives, but it is very much an opera. Apparently there is now an opera of Hamlet out there, and I can't imagine that having much romance.
  19. I chose sometimes to every question, here is why 1. Do you like hugs? hugs are mostly a comfort thing so I actively seek them out when I am upset or sick (spread the disease!), or a greeting/goodbye to someone I am close to and think they deserve more than a handshake. Otherwise it is a don't trap me in your arms scenario. 2. Do you like kisses? goodnight kisses are a thing in my family so sometimes it feels like I am missing out on something if I go to bed without one, but otherwise it is a bit iffy. 3. Do you like cuddling? When I am cold I have been known to seek out the warmest friend in the room, but I would much prefer to cuddle a hot water bottle or a dog. I have been told I cuddle a lot in bed when I am asleep but I think that is my heat seeking nature as those comments have only ever popped up in winter. Otherwise I find it quite awkward and I get twitchy and want to run.
  20. Internalized arophobia (and how to get rid of it)

    I have mostly always been comfortable with myself, I did think for ages that there was The OneTM out there for me and I should save myself for that person (yay for conservative teachings guilt trip!). I just wasn't that interested in finding him. Then there was a point I went 'who cares?' and threw myself into a sexual relationship with one of the only people I have ever been physically attracted to. The I go back to the super slut shaming high school I went to and was guilty for over a year. How could I have done that without loving him? how come I didn't start loving him? It was only 2 years later that I admitted to the relationship I had to some of my friends. And even then I pretended it was a romantic connection and 'it still hurt too much to talk about' instead of the truth of 'I have no idea what that is meant to feel like and I don't want to be caught in a lie'. Admittedly I didn't know aro was a thing and thought I was broken.
  21. What is your ideal living situation?

    I have spent too much time thinking about this. So I found this valley between a national park and the outer-suburbs. It is about at 40 minute drive to the city in heavy traffic. Less than 10 minutes to the closest shops. beautiful land with no through roads, literally every road to the valley is a loop or dead end. I would want a self-build eco development where a community comes together. Everyone has small parcels of land for their houses on the hill slope for road access and the valley paddocks are common grounds for people to have their horses and other animals. My dream house is full of spare rooms so that I could host my friends if they visit.
  22. "That makes so much sense now!"

    This is my little cuddle bab
  23. "That makes so much sense now!"

    I really want a Flemish Giant and Chinchilla cross. But you can't trick me, I can spot a Shetland Shepard at 100 paces!
  24. "That makes so much sense now!"

    You'll be happy to know that they are definitely a thing then: Flemish Giants are amazing babs.
  25. "That makes so much sense now!"

    @Momo rabbits are the best! I only like medium/large dogs because rabbits are far superior to small dogs! .....now if only German Shepard sized rabbits were a thing my life would be perfect!
  26. G'day

    I definitely am enjoying! and I haven't noticed anything in need of fixing so the tweaks must truly be miniscule @NullVector I played it too but those are definitely hedgehogs. Echidnas are larger and can swim very well and their defence isn't to roll into a ball, it is to dig very fast straight down.
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