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  2. Disappointment is finally finishing a skirt after like a week of working on it, excitedly trying it on, only to be met with the discovery that it needs a side zipper because you can't fit your butt in it

  3. snapesonalane

    Have you ever been in a relationship?

    I'm 23 and I've never been in a relationship. I tried the whole online dating thing because even though I'm asexual I thought, "well if I love someone I think I could have sex". And I talked to people and it was nice until it started feeling like feelings were being pushed onto me. Like one time I agreed to go on a date with this guy and a couple days before he started getting really mushy. I mentioned that I needed to go to the store because I was feeling under the weather and he would say stuff like, "you have to be well for out date darling," and using petnames and I was just NOT into it. I should have realized then that that was not just me being asexual lol. I also had what I now recognize as squishes but at the time I thought were crushes. Some of those crushes came close to a relationship but I always bailed when things got romancey. I do want a some sort of queerplatonic relationship some time in the future though.
  4. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Hello hello~!

    EDIT: Whoops my bad, thought this was a different thread lol
  5. Jot-Aro Kujo

    I'm so happy this site exists! Hey!

    Nice to meet you!
  6. snapesonalane

    Not entirely sure where I fit in, but hi!

    Yup I definitely understand a lot of what you're going through. I am asexual though so there's on small difference. But apart from that yeah I've never really, like seriously actually wanted a relationship. I'm at that age where all your friends start pairing up and here I am, still never having been in a relationship. Personally for me, I've liked this idea of a queerplatonic relationship or something in between that and romantic. Just having a companion that I can be myself with and share life experiences but without romantic feelings. It's gonna sound really weird, but sort of how I'm myself with my mom. I feel like I can tell my mom everything and we rely on each other for support. For me having a relationship like that with someone, a companion of sorts, sounds perfect! Well, I hope we can all help you figure it out!
  7. snapesonalane

    Hello hello~!

    Yay anime! What kind of anime are you usually into?
  8. snapesonalane


    Saaaaaame! For some reason the thought of someone liking me always made me uncomfortable. I was very cruel to some very kind boys who genuinely liked me when I was in my early to late teens because I couldn't stomach someone liking me in a nonplatonic sense. And hey I'm on the spectrum too! (Probably aspie although I'm self diagnosed until I can find the means to pursue an official diagnosis.) Anyways welcome! I'm new too!
  9. Hi! You can call me Val! I'm 23, in college and super happy I discovered these forums! So for a couple of weeks I had been deliberating over my romantic orientation because that shit is complicated. I knew I was ace but I had never thought I was aromantic because I thought I had had crushes before. I found myself wishing I could just put on a helmet device that would tell me what I am, very YA dystopian of me. But unfortunately my brain had to figure all that complicated shit out on its own because I didn't know this site was a thing. But anyways eventually I arrived to the conclusion that I'm probably aromantic (and all those things I used to think of as crushes? They were probably squishes heh). I saw on the list of romantic orientations one that seemed comfortable for me: alterous! I've never thought of being in a relationship with a woman so I'm probably androalterous but I like the flexibility alterous seems to grant me! Anyways I'm happy I'm here now and ready to meet people who feel similar!
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  11. Blue Phoenix Ace

    How do I embed videos?

    Like this? Copy the URL and paste into here. Easy peasy.
  12. I think I am coming on too strong in this friendship and that’s stressing me out I just want to express how deep my love is but at the same time I’d rather die than make a friend uncomfortable so uuuuuuuuh Time For Depression 

  13. arokaladin

    What are you reading?

    I'm rereading the catcher in the rye, have a reread of the rithmatist scheduled for after that, and am also dipping back into so you want to be a robot as I feel like it.
  14. arokaladin


    heeeyyyy welcome! You seem awesome too!
  15. DeltaV

    The Expanse tv show

    It was certainly difficult to get into the first two or three episodes: few action Miller's dorky hat 🤠 the Belter Creole, sasa ke? characters aren't that likeable at first lots of not-that-interesting world building I don't think that Star Trek: Discovery is stupid nor The Expanse boring, but when I watched them in parallel, I always got a slight feeling in this direction for both. 😊 Of course, no Star Trek series is remotely that “hard Sci-Fi” as The Expanse, but Discovery is considerably “softer” than the earlier Star Trek series. The mirror universe was reserved for more experimental and funny episodes in the past and didn't play such an important role. The softening of Sci-Fi seems to be a modern trend… which would explain the lack of appeal for The Expanse. Yeah, swearing Chrisjen!
  16. Carson:)

    Count to one million 🐭

  17. Carson:)

    Religion Thread

    I am a Christian.
  18. Carson:)

    Change one word!

    Greedy kid
  19. Carson:)

    Art Thread

    Post any of your artwork that you would like to share here.
  20. Jot-Aro Kujo


    Nice to meet you! Always good to meet fellow nd aros 💚
  21. mozartboyfriend


    Hey everyone! I'm Alets! I'm 21. I'm not really quite sure if I'm just aro or if i'm lithro but tbh I'm in no rush to find out. I have a lot of internalized hate towards myself for never getting relationships to work right. I always tend to be like "I don't think this is for me." REALLY early into the relationship. So who knows what I am! So, a little bit about me. I'm write. A LOT. I love writing and probably will do something writing related my whole life. I also love to draw. Movies are a big passion of mine. I'm autistic and some of my special interests are Orbiting Human Circus and Whose Line is it Anyway. I hope I meet some cool people on here! Yall seem awesome so far and I can't wait to talk to yall.
  22. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Hello hello~!

    Nice to meet you! All good hobbies for sure.
  23. Jot-Aro Kujo

    What are you reading?

    Right now I'm re-reading the final arc of Hikaru no Go. It's one of my all time favorite manga, but I originally read it at my local library and don't actually own most of it, so I haven't read the Hokuto Cup arc in about 6 years or so. I figured May would be an appropriate time to revisit it, and oh man it is just as good as I remember... My beautiful sons... Yeongha why are you like this pls
  24. Friendbot Lu

    Hello hello~!

    Hi there! I'm Lu, I'm 27, and Aromantic! I love drawing, listening to music, playing video games, watching anime, all that good n' nerdy stuff. 😛 Nice to meet you all~!
  25. Holmbo

    Post something totally random

  26. Holmbo

    How do I embed videos?

    I don't know how to embed video, like from youtube, in my posts.
  27. Holmbo

    What are you reading?

    I've been reading The Mirage by Matt Ruff. It's about this alternative reality were the most powerfull country in the world is th United Arab State. It's very interesting but kinda heavy for me. I took a break with John Scalzis Readshirts which was a fun breezy read.
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