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  2. kinda thought Missy from Big Mouth is lithromantic, because she lost attraction for Andrew real fast. You could kinda feel her repulsion when he got super lovey (she literally threw up on him!) I get that she was meant to just be overwhelmed and not ready for a relationship, but idk. Any other Missy fans here? XD Yas ofc, tho I'm bracing myself for queerbaiting
  3. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I remember a couple years ago, a woman (who was in her thirties I think) said she thought I was cute (I was 19). I said bluntly to her that it was inappropriate. After my parents and I got home (my parents were present during my interaction with this person), they basically told me that I should take it as a compliment, because it's socially accepted as one. While I could see their view, I nonetheless got even more annoyed. I mean, if someone makes comments like that, even if they're hitting on me, am I supposed to smile and say "thank you"?!! Exaggerated Situation: Female [to me]: Hey, sexy! You're hot! Me [to the female]: THAT'S INAPPROPRIATE!!! My Parents [to me]: YOU SHOULD TAKE THAT AS A COMPLIMENT, BECAUSE IT'S SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE!!! MOST GUYS YOUR AGE WOULD LOVE A GIRL TO TELL THEM SOMETHING LIKE THAT! Me: [Fuming -- I excuse myself from the situation]
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  5. What is this "aro stuff" you thinking of? Some links would help. If it's from an ace site then it's most likely to aroace in nature. Since the target audience of such sites are asexual people. How would you distinguish between information which is aro ace and that which is aro? Going back to @nonmerci's post The reason for this is that most "aro stuff", including that on a-spec and aro sites, is from an aro ace POV. Which, due to intersectionality, isn't likely to be something which non-asexual aros find relatable. It's also possible that these may be poor at explaining aromantism to non-asexual allos. What I think is needed here are resources which LGBTQ+ aros find relatable and which LGBTQ+ allos understand. An example of this would be an articles about "non romantic relationships" which mentions "purely sexual", "sexual attraction" and "lust" rather than one about "squishs", "platonic relationships" and "QPRs". The latter is likely to have the typical LGBTQ+ person, at best, confused and, at worst, complaining about "queer" being misappropriated.
  6. Sometimes you just read things and go "holy heck, these are my people". That just happened to me here - I feel like I could have written every post in this thread at some point or other in the past couple years. I've ended relationships because I didn't want to keep up the forced romantic facade, I've been in a relationship and thought "Wait - what if I'm aro?" and "Where are my boundaries?", I've made a Want | Will | Won't list. If it helps, I feel a lot more comfortable and settled now because I spent a while experimenting and deliberately trying to find out where my boundaries were. I'd try most things once, and then analyse how I felt about it, recalibrate, and be honest with the other people involved about what was happening. Most importantly, if you want to be with someone, you deserve someone who wants from you the things that you're willing to provide or at least compromise on. Splitting up and being friends is a totally acceptable option if he wants more than you're willing to provide, so don't be afraid to prioritise what you need in the relationship - though from the sounds of things, him being super receptive to your boundaries sounds achieveable and lovely. @confused af I'd be interested to hear how your conversation goes, if you're willing to share!
  7. My living situation a couple years ago was a huge mess, but it was - for a short while at least - close enough to what's described here that I think it's worth responding. The best bit is that it wasn't even two alloaros! Before I realised I was aro, I was in a (supposedly) romantic relationship, and not doing a very good job of it, for obvious reasons. My girlfriend had moved in with me, not so much because we were following the relationship escalator - things definitely had not progressed to that point, it was waaaaaay too soon - but just because I had space and she didn't have other options. Long story short, we broke up - turns out I didn't want to be in a romantic relationship, for some unknowable reason??? - and she still didn't have options. We worked things out, because we had to, and she ended up in an open or possibly polyamorous relationship with another person, while cohabiting and maintaining fwb with me. This still wasn't sustainable, because she wanted to move somewhere that wouldn't make her actual SO and I super awkward for being in the same room, but yeah the non-sustainable part was the accommodation rather than the relationships. We're still fwb, and I don't think either of us sees it working out super long term but it's still working just fine for the moment. So yeah it might have only lasted a couple months but technically fits all the boxes: cohabiting, sexual partners that had to change things for a reason other than catching feels. Serial sleep-kicker here, sorry not sorry, it's not something I have control over!
  8. You must have misunderstood what I was saying. I was talking about putting more aro info stuff up on LGBTQ+ sites, not aroace information. By doing so it may help them start to distinguish Aros and Aces, since I would be talking solely about aromantism.
  9. Same, I just stopped speaking positively of boys because my parents' assumptions. Now they think I'm some sort of of man-hating feminist 🙄
  10. As others have stated, a QPR is basically whatever you want it to be tbqh. But that's not super helpful so I'll describe the QPR I'm in and have been in for some time Basically I had been dating my partner for a while romantically before I realized I was aro and came out to him. He is one of the most important and intimate relationships of my life so we decided to stay together, just shift out of a romantic version of things. We talk everyday, go on dates, are there for each other emotionally, are tactile as in hugs and cuddling (tho not kissing since I dont like it lol), we have sex because we're both sexual people as well. But there's no expectation that I have to be "romantic" with him. We don't do valentines day, and don't plan to move in together or get married or anything like that. Often it feels like we're just making the rules up as we go along and that's the whole appeal for me!
  11. @lonelyace I am also aroflux in a romantic relationship and have pretty similar feelings/insecurities as you. Have you figured out a good way to deal with your fluctuating attraction in your relationship?
  12. Welcome! Its good to meet you 💚🖤
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  14. Oh that’s good! I didn’t know that! Thanks for educating me!
  15. A white ring has already been an aro symbol for years. It's not new.
  16. My roommate's boyfriend bought her flowers for valentine's day which is cute and all but I am having an allergic reaction to them. What an aro mood

  17. One of my friends had the idea to just have a white ring instead. Anyone like that idea ?
  18. I do a bit of everything and also I generally lucid dream but my dreams are so odd I just kind of sit there, knowing I’m dreaming but not sure what to do about it.
  19. You Are 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal Social Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal Fiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal Defense and Crime: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
  20. Okay that may have been a badly worded title but I have a question and I think it’s probably better asked here than the other LGBTQ+ forum I’m on. So ace people have the black ring that symbolizes them and I was wondering if there was anything like that for aros or if anyone had any ideas along those lines.
  21. I wanna live with a bunch of people but definitely not share beds, I used to have to share a bed with my sister and now I don’t like doing it with anyone because people kick in their sleep and it doesn’t feel good.
  22. Hi Grey, nice to meet them. Welcome to the forum.
  23. Normal as “alloromantic”... I find also it rather difficult to distinguish schroromanticism as described in the original post from alloromanticism or greyromanticism (greyromanticism if 6 [romantic] crushes over the course of many, many years are a bit on the low side? Don’t know how many are typical…).
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