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  2. I've been very @Eklinaar this week XD.

  3. Feeling Left Behind...

    @Eklinaar I've been very "Eklinaar" this week
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  5. QPR vs PLP

    The latter sounds like a very specific subset of the former. Even without romance the Life Partnership concept dosn't sound appealing. I'd much rather have a wide, and varied, circle of friends than anything singular.
  6. ever been on a date without knowing?

    wait wait wait wait. He made comments during the movie?! my goodness. Last time someone tried to talk to me during a cinema experience beyond 'pass the popcorn' I got up and moved to a different row. Okay, there have been some vocalisation during movies that are acceptable, but certainly not random comments about skin or conversational comments meant to be heard.
  7. QPR vs PLP

    Thanks @byebyeshadowlands ! I was trying to work out how/why they were different, so it makes sense that I couldn't if it is mainly a word preference. I know the two terms were being used separately as short hand terms to quickly describe different relationships in fiction, but that has little to do with the real people using, identifying and living one or both of these terms.
  8. QPR vs PLP

    As i understand it, they mean similar things. The second term is useful for people who don't want to use "queer" to define their platonic, non-romantic relationships. I mostly use "QPR", because i embrace the word "queer" as a way to define myself and the way i see relationships. That said, I mostly refer to "partnership" when i think of the kind of relationship I want. I would be interested in knowing other people's opinion!
  9. QPR vs PLP

    I've never heard that term before; what's it mean?
  10. Feeling Left Behind...

    Yep, you just described my social life.
  11. Feeling Left Behind...

    I agree with so many things posted in this thread. I'm in my 30s, which (apparently) is the age where you are supposed to be in a relationship with a family already, and so most people seem to pay less attention to their friends. I've always been friend-focused, and as i grow older, i seem to be in a minority, because everyone else puts relationships and family first, and friendship second. I don't think that one is more or less important than others, because i don't believe in ranking your relationships. But as someone who doesn't want romantic relationships, i'm probably always going to be a second place for the people I'm friends with. I know that not all allomaromantic people are like this, but still i wish i knew other aromantic people in person, because it's nice to be around someone who understands what this feels like. Thank goodness for online spaces like this one!
  12. @Phobe i live in toronto, myself. i'm not far from the village and unfortunately i just missed what would have been my first pride this past june, but i've heard it's great. as far as i can tell, it's a pretty good city in which to be lgbt+. there's ace toronto, too, but so far the only aro-inclusive meetup i've noticed (at a vegan restaurant, no less--i got my hopes up) was only for poc so i haven't been to any yet.
  13. How fast can you type?

    84.46 WPM, 100% accuracy. I work administration in an office, so I'd better be able to type decently.
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  15. New aro in the house :)

    *Vulcan salutes and high fives for all the aro trekkies out there* Yay for trekkies, and of course... yay for ice cream!
  16. New aro in the house :)

    Whoo! More aro trekkies, yes please! I'm an original series trekkie too. And yes, the aro ice cream is all over on this site
  17. New Freeform show?

    That does seem like a concept for us. Not sure what it's about though except those two being close friends and people thinking they're a romantic couple.
  18. How fast can you type?

    wow, you're all pretty fast (@Eklinaar 120 wpm … ) … I blame it on R, which is the only programming language I use everyday, its code is too terse. Not like Java… AromanticProblem askedForCrush = AroFactory.getAro().getAromanticProblemFactory().getAromanticProblem(RomanceFactory.getRomance().getRomanceProblem(crush)).tooltip("I hate that…").bend();
  19. Share your Talents!

    I draw sometimes! I used to write a lot as well.
  20. Hello, I'm new

    Welcome! Working in the marriage industry as an aromantic sounds really tough.
  21. Hello, I'm new

    Hi and welcome @Zaldrizoti! It's great that you're excited to be here. Have some ice cream.
  22. Hello, I'm new

    [CW; mental illness mention] Hi everyone I decided to make an account here to learn more about aromance, I've only just started researching it and I very strongly identify with it. I've already been told that it's "not a real thing", so I wanted to come somewhere where people may share similar experiences as I. You can call me Zal, I'm 26. I've been in a single relationship out of high school which lasted four years. Part of what made my coming to terms so confusing was the fact that I have Borderline Personality Disorder, which for me involves intense feelings of attachment towards people. I believe that it was this that made me think "well, this must be what romantic attraction is", however since that relationship ended, I've found myself become less and less enthusiastic about dating. I also work in the wedding industry and am surrounded by marriage, married couples and so forth. There is nothing about it at all that inspires me or that I relate to on an emotional level. I'd be interested to meet other Aros that are possibly diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, did you confuse any feelings of attachment to people as being romantic attachment? I guess I still have a lot of self-doubt lol. Anyway, sorry for the long winded rant, I'm excited to join this community and look forward to meeting more like-minded people
  23. [strums guitar] Anyway, here's Wonderwall

    Being aro was a recent discovery for you so just spending some time on introspection can help you feel more balanced and have a better idea of what you might want. I'm glad you are all dealing well even through the pain.
  24. What are you reading?

    I'm reading "The peregrine", by J.A. Baker. It's a non-fiction book about bird watching. I love it.
  25. Share your Talents!

    I'm a tarot reader.
  26. Many times, but the funniest was the first. The first happened when I was just an 11 year old sprout, so I blame age as much as I do anything else. A fellow 11 year old asked me out to see Attack of the Clones in theatres, and I jumped at the offer because I love Star Wars. I'm afab, and had been a tomboy growing up. The boy who asked me out had been a friend earlier on in elementary, but he'd moved schools years before so I DID find it weird that he'd called /me/ to ask. We hadn't hung out since he'd moved all those years ago (which is a long time when you're a child). In line for the movie we happened to bump into my best friend at the time, who was another boy. They were immediately rude to each other, and I remember being baffled. They challenged each other to a game of air hockey, and were so overly aggressive and mean to one another. I remember being bored out of my skull and confused as all hell why they were acting that way. When me and the boy I came with were watching the movie, he made all these comments about how cute Anakin and Padme were in their romantic scenes and I remember brushing him off like ??? Dude??? This is clearly unhealthy? Anakin's nuts and Padme could do way better. Plus I just wanted to see some lightsaber action, I didn't care for how "soft and smooth" Padme's skin apparently was. I could tell the boy I came with was bothered by me saying this stuff, but I couldn't tell why. I was super grossed out when he offered to share his drink with me. GERMS, MY FRIEND. I haven't seen you in 4 years, I don't know what kind of cooties you're carrying! After I denied the drink, he was grumpy and silent the rest of the movie. After he took me home I never heard from him again. My mom asked me later if I'd realized that was a date and whether I'd been nice to him. I was genuinely shocked. I was even more shocked by what my best friend's behaviour indicated, but that is a whoooole other story that ends less happily lmao.
  27. Last week
  28. This is truly interesting for me to think about having just recently realized I'm arospec. My sexuality has been fundamentally important because it meant being openly bisexual in a small town growing up. I was harassed by both adults and peers for it. Several teachers even expressed that they were uncomfortable having me in their classes because I was bi (I must mention this was 2006-07). Being bi politically motivated me. It's what drove me to seek out The Village in Toronto, to go to Pride, to join the NDP for a stretch, and to engage in activism. Being bi spurred me on to LGBT community involvement at large, and is what has made my social circles largely queer folk. My life has been IMMENSELY impacted by being bi, so right at this moment I must say that my sexuality has been bigger. However. Looking back on how much loneliness and pain and confusion I've endured all because I was aro and didn't know it is pretty huge. I've felt broken and incomplete for yeaaaars. I have already written an article for a kink site I've written for prior about how being aro impacts my involvement in Leather (though it may not get published, it still happened). It may be that being aro takes an equal footing with being bi on the direction of my life.
  29. To update people who may be keen on my relationship drama: The split happened on the 11th. It was amicable, but still heartbreaking. My exes are doing well, and I myself am looking forward to a life where I'm more honest with myself and with what I want.
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