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  2. Hmm, I wonder if I'm not cis-apathetic as well, since while I'm "comfortable" being female, it kinda doesn't mean that much to me. Like, if anything I'm more of a tomboy type, but it's not a conscious rejection of femininity for the most part; I don't even think about the fact I'm a woman and how that impacts me on a day to day level. I am a person but my gender isn't a major defining factor of who I think/feel I am.
  3. I feel like zombies should be gluttony. Since they have sort of the endless hunger and just wants to eat everyone. Vampires feel much more tied to other sorts of "sins" like lust and greed and pride.
  4. Welcome! Hopefully we can help you figure that out, anyway! Even if you're not aro ace everyone's welcome here.
  5. I actually don't have a problem with romantically themed music, provided it's done in a way that I find interesting (case in point: Lorde's new album). I enjoy a bit of poetry set to music as a means of communicating the diversity of inner worlds different people experience. Inhabiting an allo-romantic person's head for an hour or so via a well-crafted pop album can be an interesting experience. I think the problem with a lot of the 100% mainstream radio pop (aside from it often being both musically and lyrically boring to me!) is that it usually only focuses on the euphoric 'high' that comes along with romance and ignores the negative or darker aspects of it (e.g. the emotional fallout after that 'high'). But the more interesting (to me at least) music out there doesn't do that (e.g. PJ Harvey's songs are full of that side of things!). Although I do agree that more diversity of themes would be nice - not every popular song (or even just 99% of them ) needs to be about romance!
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  7. well.. hi guys. i'm a 18 years old cis girl, and i am... aroace. probably. maybe. i think. nice to meet you all?
  8. Yeah, you should! It's good (I've read Chrome Yellow, Brave New World and Island so far. Next up is Eyeless in Gaza. Huxley is great!)
  9. So, is there really no difference between just having gay thoughts as a straight person and having desires? I just posted it as a comment on a debate forum thingy and someone said they saw no difference. I didn't bother replying but I disagree - I definitely think they're separate things, but there is probably a varying degree of overlap for other people. I sometimes wonder how my life would have been different as a lesbian - would I have enjoyed being in relationships with women better? I don't have those innate romantic/sexual desires for other women, though, nor would I be open to 'trying something out' with someone willing to do that with me. I very rarely have romantic/sexual thoughts about men, but I do have those desires once in a blue moon, even if the "signals get scrambled" so I end up not knowing what I want at all any more.

  10. YMBAI you have an unhealthy fascination with pistachio ice cream with vanilla swirl and chocolate syrup.
  11. When I see the ATT commercial and Mark Wahlberg says "watch unlimited romance ... if you're into that" and I'm thankful he's hinting not everyone is into that.
  12. I was thirteen, and there was a girl at school who liked me. We had been "talking" (her flirting, me being confused by my conflicting sexual and romantic orientations) for a full year. She realized the depth of the mistake when she tried to get physically close to me. As we were walking to the cafeteria she snuck up next to me and locked her elbow with mine. She probably thought it would be a bonding experience to walk around with our arms linked like that I instantly broke the lock and pulled my arm free. I had been tense from the moment she showed up, and I was ready for her move. To this day, her attempt is the only thing that's ever really triggered the "fight" part of my fight-or-flight response. She ran away crying, and I just stood there wondering why I had done it.
  13. ... I wish @shotinthehand had left me a wish to corrupt as well. Preferably one with sea slugs. I like sea slugs.
  14. I don't even run any ads. There's nothing to block.
  15. Dammit, I thought that adoption club was real! I think that's a really cool idea too!
  16. @Arocalypse has Adblock on?! I thought they would support their own website.
  17. Here's a recent picture of me:
  18. Because I can. Me, on a better day than normal.
  19. Banned for being depressing~
  20. My favorite color was green.
  21. Banned because reality never compares to what we dream up.
  22. Banned because the drawing of teddiursa looks cuter than that plushy~
  23. Banned for not thinking big enough.
  24. Unbanned... if you're actually buying that Teddiursa plushie.
  25. You're no longer morbid, but you lose all memories of people who die. As time passes, there are more and more holes in your memory. Towards the end of the life, you have next to no memories of people who care about you.
  26. The fact that you do not know my binary, despite coming on to me daily, is very insulting and i may never get over this. You've made my index feel so cold with your words.
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  28. Granted: You compulsively write down wishes whenever you think of them. As you write them down they morph into corrupted versions of the things you write. You fill notebook after notebook with them, hoping one comes true. They consume your life. You fill your entire house with the notebooks full of all the things you wish for and curl up and die in the middle of a sea of paper covered with corrupted wishes. I wish I wasn't so morbid.
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