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  2. I would like to say 'no-romo' in all it's many forms is aro culture. Also I argue that 'the friend zone' and it's dreaded enemy 'the romo zone' (and talking about them in those good and evil roles) are components of aro culture #noromo
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  4. hi everyone, I have absolutely zero idea how people normally write these things or what I'm expected to say but here goes my name is Ren (real life human name) or glitch, either's fine, I'm trans and nonbinary (they/them or he/him), autistic, and definitely aro, probably grey-ace. i've on and off identified as aro for the past five years and keep getting scared of the consequences and trying to suppress it, but i think i'm not going to try to do that anymore. all my friends are queer, but most of them have romantic feelings or date people, and it's deeply alienating and upsetting to me to have like 90% of the people around me be doing that when i can't connect with it at all. hoping being on here will help with that?
  5. This might be out of scope for this thread, but are there plans for making a mobile app for arocalypse? Or is the mobile web experience good enough that we don't need a native app? (I'm new here, so I haven't had time to try this out on my phone)
  6. I'm raavenb2619, you might know me from my tumblr where I post queer memes. I'm aroace, non-binary, and trans (they/them pronouns). I've known I'm queer for a couple years now, but only recently (past few months) got involved in the queer community online.
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  8. I suppose different vocabularies could be considered part of culture? Like amatonormativity, or of course all different labels of romantic orientation. I also think that anti-romance sentiments are part of aro culture. Not that all aros are romance repulsed, but it's certainly there. And because romance is most often very earnest it can come of as kind of cynical and disillusioned.
  9. I agree. I shared the post mostly cause I find it interesting to speculate about what factors determines romantic orientation, and if genes could be any part of it.
  10. That asocality is associated with aromanticism is pretty obvious. A strong reverse association OTOH would only exist if aromantic traits were as rare as asocial traits, which I doubt. Asociality is also a trait that really sticks out, while aromanticism is subtle enough that if you fit into the norm otherwise (allosexual straight, cis, social, no mental health problems, etc.) you probably never come across the term and adopt this still obscure label. So online aro communities at this time don’t really reflect the general aromantic population.
  11. Mm... As an ADHDer myself, I can't help but have the Oh Fuck, Euthanasia reaction, yknow?
  12. hey, anyone know if there's a way to delete my profile + scrub all posts / interactions / etc? nothing wrong with Arocalypse itself, I'd just like to get rid of this account

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  14. I'm experiencing the exact same problems as you both. From what I've heard talking to other aros, I think it does fade and go away after some time. I mean, we've spent so much time being told that being in love is the height of humanity, of life, so to figure out that we're not gonna do any of that is...jarring, to say the least. I don't know about you guys, but for me, I guess romance was something I always vaguely considered to happen in my future, even if it was in the far, far future. The expectation for it to happen was there, and I guess knowing that it probably won't is somewhat saddening. But that's probably the amatonormativity speaking. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it'll go away as you get used to it. Maybe in the future, there will be more positive media written about us, but even before then, as we consider other things as goals and the heights of our lives, it'll hurt less. Maybe someday it won't hurt at all. At least that's what I hope.
  15. I found this reddit post very interesting. About an aro who analyzed his genom and is musing about how it might relate to his orientation.
  16. hm, that just might work. I like that idea. Also interested in hearing people's thoughts on the TMI thread idea -- I'll add that one into the top post as another suggestion.
  17. A strange interest in the Mosuo people.
  18. Saying "big mood" when you find something relatable.
  19. I've seen a thread about aromantic symbols but not about aromantic culture in general. So, what are some things that are aromantic culture? So far I have: -arrows/archery -the green heart emoji -the color green -calling out people who ditch their friends to spend all their time with a romantic crush/partner -asking people what crushes feel like just in case this time it makes sense
  20. Ya, I'm trying to look at it from a different perspective, and so far it's working for me. I'm slowly becoming able to read them without to much trouble. I think it'll just take time.
  21. that does sound like my experience. especially if she's heterosexual, or bi/pan i guess, she might assume her romantic orientation was concordant, or even be unfamiliar with the concept of romantic orientation. and in any case, enjoying your company and friendship (possibly a squish, sure) could have led her to believe dating was a logical next step...part of the idea of amatonormativity (basically the idea that romantic relationships are the most important type and are necessary for happiness), which is not separate from heteronormativity. and yeah, i kept trying to make it work, i thought i just had to get used to it, but i never did. i'm glad to hear that you're taking an interest in her possible aromanticism while acknowledging that it's up to her to label it or not, and continuing your friendship.
  22. I hear you. I have been experiencing the same thing since I found out that I'm aromantic. It just feels weird somehow doesn't it? I was totally fine with reading/watching romance stuff before I knew I was aromantic. I just assumed I thought that romance was dumb and didn't like it, but then after realizing that I feel no connection to all those things happening in books/movies the stories just feel so weird! I personally feel a bit isolated reading/watching all those romance stuff... Honestly, makes me feel both bad and sad a little bit. I guess it is because I never realized how there is zero representation for people like me before? Well anyway, I just try to look at the story from a different point of view. Sure, I'm aromantic, but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy stuff that includes romance. You don't have to relate to every single thing a character does in the story to enjoy it... right?
  23. Hi to all of you great arospec folks! I am Sel, and I joined here to talk to more aromantic people since I identify myself as aroace. I am also working on some aromantic & other queer merches, and will be happy to let you guys know as soon as I launch them! My profile pic is one of the pin button works I did, so if you like it... Maybe planning on buying in some nearby future?
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